Post-Apocalyptic Light-Sabers: Skrillex’s New “Ragga Bomb” Video


To say Skrillex’s music is intense would be an understatement. For “Ragga Bomb,” a top track off his debut LP, Recess, the king of EDM matches this intensity with a music video released last Wednesday that will either freak you out or pump you up…or both. The video takes place in a post-apocalyptic city and follows two rival groups of scavengers as they fight one another; and by fight I mean there’s a pretty epic dance battle. While a “dance battle” doesn’t sound like it’d be too rattling, the frequent clips of dogs barking, screaming children, and men in masks make parts of the video almost frightening.

The rival groups finally meet up in some abandoned warehouse just as the music settles a little (what a coincidence). After a montage of intense glares from each side, the “leaders” step out and pull out what I figured would be a bomb given the song’s title. Well, I was wrong. The leaders of the rival groups whip out light sabers (obviously) and full on Jedi Knight battle ensues. Up to this point the video felt more like a political statement (make dance not war) than an EDM spectacle, but a star-wars like battle taking place in a post-apocalyptic warehouse is something you can only expect from an EDM video.

Unless you suffer from a pretty strange phobia, dance-offs and light-sabers most likely don’t sound to terrifying. But the intense images riddling throughout the video are definitely a bit unsettling. The director, Terence Neale, strikes a perfect balance between anxiety and excitement that’s central to this type of bass-heavy EDM.

Recess was released as a surprise EP back in early March, and the album has since gotten mixed reviews, despite debuting at number 4 on the Billboard 200 chart. Personally, it takes a very specific mood for me to enjoy his bass-heavy music, but I am a fan of this track. Watch the video and see what you think!