Pre-Release Review: Mala by Devendra Banhart


Devendra Banhart’s upcoming release Mala is sure to leave both fans and newcomers thoroughly pleased. Ranging from whats been called modern-hippie to freak-folk and everything in between, it’s impossible to classify Devendra Banhart into just one genre. His newest album Mala continues to prove that point. Set to release March 12, Mala is the perfect “mellow-out” record. This CD mixes an acoustic sound with electronic backing and the sort of drum beat that you just have to sway with. Imagine the heavily-bearded baby of MGMT and Bon Iver and boom! you've got Devendra. Expected are the noticeable and loveable, albeit esoteric rhythms that underscore Banhart's songs. Unexpected are the lyrics Banhart chooses to pair with his otherwise catchy sound. As NPR puts it:

“Here, that can mean using song titles as fake-outs: 'Never Seen Such Good Things" sets up as a sweetly ambling song of wonder, until he follows its title with the words "go so wrong' — which is saying nothing of the line, 'If we ever make sweet love again / I'm sure that it will be quite disgusting.'” 


Common to Banhart tradition, songs in different languages or songs with a latin beat are featured, as well as his original painting as the cover art. Mala contains a multitude of different sounds and experimentations that somehow flow together seamlessly.

But no need to wait until mid-March to experience this creative explosion! Thanks to NPR you can stream the entire album right here: