Under Pressure? More Like Underwhelmed


Under Pressure is Logic’s debut studio album and was released on October 21st, 2014. Logic carries a consistent style throughout his songs, one that puts a modern twist on old school sampling. This style is by no means bad—the songs are for the most part well done—but soon enough it all begins to sound the same. Sampling has been around since the birth of hip-hop, and nowadays for something to really standout it has to be incredible or totally different. Under Pressure fails to be either of the two, resulting in an album that in the end is a little underwhelming. Even though there are two songs that are fantastic, people will have forgotten about this album within three months.  

Track-by-Track Analysis with ratings:

1/5 –sucks

2/5 –bad

3/5 –average

4/5 –good

5/5 –you should get this song


“Intro”, 3/5

The opening track is rather happy and lets the listener know that Logic has finally made it. He used to “wonder what it feels like,” but now he’s “won the race.”


“Soul Food”, 3/5

Logic switches it up halfway through with the song and starts rapping over an entirely different beat. Both beats have some samples in them, as will most of the beats for the rest of the album.


“I’m Gone”, 3/5

Logic’s voice sounds almost exactly like Kendrick Lamar’s. Whether or not this was done on purpose is unclear, but it is almost impossible not to notice the similarity.


“Gang Related”, 4/5

Logic opens up on this track and tells a story of a deadly shooting, along with how he’s gang related. The beat is slow but Logic raps in a razor sharp voice, making for a track that is great to vibe to.


“Buried Alive”, 4/5

There’s a quick little harmony at the beginning of the track and asks the loaded question “Do you really wanna be famous?” The song explores what fame really brings, and features a relatively mellow tone.


“Bounce”, 2/5

This track tries really hard to be aggressive but fails. The purpose is lost and leaves the listener confused. This is probably the worst song on the album.


“Growing Pains III”, 3/5

The song starts off with a gunfight, and in it Logic yet again opens up about the gang life. Logic raps a bit about drug dealing, gang violence, and peer pressure.


“Never Enough”, 4/5

You can hear a guitar, bass, and piano jamming in the background as logic delivers a creatively assembled verse. There’s a distant and mellow mood to the entire song.


“Metropolis”, 4/5

There’s a strong drumbeat throughout the track that really makes it all flow together. Logic uses some samples and the way he delivers his verses is switched up as well.


“Nikki”. 4/5

Logic takes a stab at the tradition “hate that I love you” love song. His subject is the mysterious Nikki, who had been mentioned numerous times in the previous songs. The result is a melancholy track good for listening to if you’re in a sad mood.


“Under Pressure”, 5/5

This is the best song on the album. If you have not checked out the music video for the song, you should go do so now. It looks like something that came straight out of Call of Duty, and it’s hands down one of the most creative music videos I have ever seen. Just be warned, it is also one of the most incredibly violent music videos I have ever seen, so viewer discretion is advised.



“Till The End”, 4/5

This is the mandatory boasting and chest-pounding track that has to be present on any new rap album nowadays. Logic spits fire to a looped chorus of kids singing in the background.


“Driving Ms. Daisy (Prod. by Logic)”, 4/5

There’s a really trippy sound present in this track, which has grown to become Logic’s signature producing style. Gambino manages to put down a great verse and outshines Logic in the process.


“Now (Prod. By 6ix, Arthur McArthur & Swiff D)”, 4/5

Logic raps some more pretty aggressive verses on this track, with a very “in your face” sound.


“Alright (Prod. by Tae Beast)”, 5/5

Big Sean takes the spotlight from Logic as he delivers a fantastic verse that is both witty and flows unbelievably well. The beat also has this reassuring ambiance that makes it awesome to relax to. All together, this song makes it feel like everything is all right. Enough said, check it out now


(image source: Wikipedia)