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Recently, I was fortunate enough to have a group of guys as guests on my radio show.  I had never heard of them before, but their manager had emailed me and asked if I would be interested in interviewing them before their show at the fraternity Kappa Delta Rho.  Naturally, I immediately accepted and promptly started preparing--listening to some of their music and researching their groups. Finally, 3:00 rolled around and it was time for my show.  About half way through it, the door opened and in walked King I Divine and ScienZe, two unbelievably talented fellas from Brooklyn who, together, make up Divine ScienZe with their manager, team of social media representatives, and photographers.  Just moments after the first group entered, Fueg, also know as “The Black King” with his team to match that of Divine ScienZe completed the crew of guests to be featured on my show on that legendary Friday.

Through the interview, I learned that Divine ScienZe and Fueg are two of twenty-four artists featured on a multi-genre compilation album of New York City artists.  This compilation album is the first of many. Annually, a new album will be released featuring artists from a different city each year.  The compilation, titled From The Rabbit Hole, was curated by A&R Shane Galvin of Big House Independent Music Group and will be released digitally and on a double-vinyl LP.

An excerpt from the From The Rabbit Hole’s website explains that…

The acts were chosen by the quality of their music, their performance capability, and their readiness for growth — not primarily by their “numbers.”  You may not know the acts on the compilation, but you’ll be happy to discover them!  It has been a labor of love, and we hope to bring shine to these emerging artists as they lead their genre and represent the cross-section that flows from NY’s music scene.

I had a phone interview with Christian—one of the co-founders of BHi Music Group, the development label responsible for the compilation, and he filled me in further about what this is all really about.  Christian reiterated that this is really a labor of love. “We don't have any real ties to most of these artists besides appreciating their work and wanting to promote them.”  The label started as a publishing company with the purpose of developing one artist; as they found themselves developing an entire platform for this one artist, the group decided to go all the way and start a label since they were already doing all the work.

Every single person on the team has been an artist, so they know how artists think and feel and can try to give support whenever possible.  In regard to the breadth of the compilation, Christian says, “we just love great music, when we're looking for new music, we're looking everywhere...we want to touch every single person.”  It is apparent from the album that they did not limit themselves, with artists ranging from hip-hop and R&B to rock and experimental pop.  Christian says that something you will find with the artists on the album is that there is “something that you can't describe but they all have it.”  Christian added that he and his team “sleep about 4 hours a night, but we love it: every morning we wake up with the drive to keep going.”

That, Campus Vinyl reader, is a labor of love. After taking a listen to the album, I just had to share it with you!

Divine ScienZe: Push is the title of the featured track by Divine ScienZe.  It opens with some spoken word over Divine’s brassy beat followed by ScienZe’s rap.  The voice from the spoken word in the beginning returns throughout the song; the balance between the pieces of this song is flawless.

Fueg: Just Us   Fueg teamed up with Choppy to create this undeniably chill track.  The track just flows on its own, Fueg sitting back on the beat throughout--no rush.  Very listenable.  I couldn’t ask for more from this track.  I cannot wait for more from Fueg!

My Favorite Tracks:

“Looking Into Rabbit Holes” by Balancer  

The title of this track fits ridiculously well with the Album title, but that’s not why I picked it.  There is just something about the mellow guitar riffs and relaxed drums in the background that really puts me in the right mood.  Not to mention the vocals are unbelievably dynamic and have a really cool reverb effect on them that I am always a sucker for.  Every transition feels natural and the lyrics contribute to a very cool experience.

“Want You Back” by Anthony Flammla

This track is a MUST listen.  It has all the makings of a top 20 single and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were hearing this on the radio within a few months.  The vocalist has such a strong, commanding voice that is never aggressive, just assertive.

Why I Love This Album:  I love the idea of not being constrained to a genre.  Big House does a terrific job of staying true to that initial commitment; no two tracks on this album are the same.  From The Rabbit Hole is a 22 track album that keeps you listening all the way through.  The first installment of this compilation has me hooked, and now I can’t wait for the rest of the series.


[photo courtesy of Elliot Guilbe]

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