On Our Radar: Harper Blynn


I love the rush of discovering a new artist. You know exactly what I’m talking about: when you’re casually browsing the Internet, and then all of a sudden you come across an artist you’ve never heard before...then one thing leads to another, you start listening to them, and you realize that they’re totally awesome. Or you’re at a concert, and the opening act is way better than you’d anticipated, so you immediately type the artist’s name down in your iPhone notepad. That’s exactly what happened to me: I was innocently waiting for Sara Bareilles to perform in Philadelphia, when all the sudden Harper Blynn happened. This alternative band hails from Los Angeles and is one group of seriously talented dudes, comparable to Passion Pit, The Killers, and Death Cab for Cutie. They’re currently touring with Sara Bareilles in support of her latest album, The Blessed Unrest, but Harper Blynn has been making music together for a few years now. They released their EP in November 2010, and since then have made a full LP entitled Busy Hands.image001

Harper Blynn boasts an impressive list of singles, including their latest single, “Go.” Combining a solid drumbeat with falsetto vocals and mellow guitar sounds, this energetic, upbeat single shows promise for an awesome new album.

“Bound to Break,” the single from their EP, is a slower, more emotional song, combining their raw sound with lyrics that clearly come from the heart. Harper Blynn’s down-to-earth, authentic sound shines in their top song “In Another Life” from Busy Hands. “Marigold” and “Knife” are two other songs worth listening to, combining earthy tones with on-point vocal harmonies. Oh, and check out their epic cover of Beyonce’s “Halo”!

Both of Harper Blynn’s albums showcase the honest-to-goodness musical talents of these four guys. In a world saturated by lackluster pop music, we need a genuine, real band like this.

If these guys keep doing what they’re doing, we’re bound to see Harper Blynn take over the indie/alternative scene in no time. Check out more of their music at www.harperblynn.com and their albums on iTunes.