Ray LaMontagne’s Supernova Preview


Ray LaMontagne is set to release his fifth studio album, Supernova, on April 29th.  This last minute release date change brings new music to fans a week earlier than anticipated.  Pre-order sales began in mid-March and it seems as if Ray LaMontagne is taking a proactive approach to combat inevitable internet leaks.  Two album tracks, “Supernova” and “Airwaves” have been available since last month in addition to the music video for his first single, “Supernova”.  “Lavender” and another additional track are available for download on April 1st and April 15th for iTunes pre-orders. A 2014 summer tour is scheduled to kick off in late May in support of Supernova.  With the early release of multiple tracks, fans are voicing opinions about the latest direction of Ray LaMontagne’s sound and style.  Check out my breakdown of the latest Supernova releases.


This album title track features the soulful quality that has become synonymous with Ray LaMontagne, with strong vocals and a rhythmic melody.  However, this song shows an interesting departure for LaMontagne, exploring a mod 60’s throwback sound.  The opening lyrics “Zoe you and me we’ve been hanging out now/ Ever since we were kids, just kicking around this town” confirms his intention for retro and the animated music video maintains the allusion of a past era.



Ray LaMontagne uses his voice as an instrument on this track, adding breathy syncopation to the bongo percussion-driven beat.  LaMontagne’s guitar skills show through with his finger style technique, adding a flamenco flair.  His lyrics convey the spirit of traveling on the open road and if this track is indicative of the direction of Supernova as a whole, his musical blend of traditional grittiness and soft-spoken mellowness is maintained.



“Lavender” is a dreamy reflection on nature and freedom expressed through Ray LaMontagne’s soft and soothing vocal tones.  With references to memories of being outdoors “under a lavender sky”, the song has a trippy, ethereal quality.  The listener is transported to a very “Strawberry Fields Forever” state of mind, keeping in line with Ray LaMontagne’s classic sound.  This song perfectly captures the vibe of a warm, carefree summer day.




Supernova Track List:

  1. Lavender
  2. Airwaves
  3. She’s The One
  4. Pick Up A Gun
  5. Julia
  6. No Other Way
  7. Supernova
  8. Ojai
  9. Smashing
  10. Drive-in Movies


Brianna MarshallFolk