Remixes And Songs Without Words Aren’t That Bad


For the longest time I was apprehensive about listening to EDM and Remixes. My music taste ranges from classic rock to alternative rock in the 2000s with little in between. Throughout my high school life this new “genre” (a very loose term for this type of music) began to resound in the hallways and every upperclassman’s car. At the time I thought it was audible crap. I mean it was music that didn’t even have any words in it except for maybe a random selection of words or a very lackluster chorus. To me this music was garbage and I couldn’t possibly wrap my mind around why people would listen to this on repeat. Also, when I heard about these EDM concerts they just seemed like absurd mosh pits where everyone in attendance was either high, on ecstasy, or both simultaneously. Then I entered college. So far college has been a brain pool for my love for music. Upon my entrance to Bucknell my musical preference was closed off. If it wasn’t Muse, Nirvana, Foo Fighters or anything that involved heavy vocals or guitar I was not interested whatsoever. I can even recall moments where I music tasted clashed on the hall too. Just as everyone is from completely different backgrounds and places, music tastes are just as diverse yet essential to who we are. For example, on my hall there are kids who like underground rap, mainstream rap, country music, alternative music (like myself), and last but not least fans of EDM and remixes. While I know EDM and remixes are not exactly the same to me, a nubile listener, I have found many similarities between them. But the point here isn’t it to dissect the differences between the two, but rather to look at how they have changed my taste and perception of music.

Flashback to high school me, still really short and a big hater of EDM and remixes. One of the other things I hated about the genre was the fact that everyone believed they could be a DJ and creator of music. While I am of the belief that anyone should be able to play and instrument, I can not say the same for this type of genre. At this time everyone and their grandmothers thought they could make EDM and remixes. I mean yeah I messed around with garage band too when I was younger, but I didn’t deem myself to be the next Beethoven. Just like the huge joke that circulated the internet I felt like everyone was trying to drop their new EDM and remix tape on me. I’ll tell you this though, they were all definitely not fire. At all. One of the biggest steps forward I have made is realizing that a lot of the professional mixers of this type of music are actually very skillful and talented. While many of these artists program their computers and just bob and wave their arms around at concerts, one of the few who is actually making music live is Calvin Harris.

Even though many of his songs have made it mainstream and oversaturate the radio at his live concert that I attended he was always focused on his computer and rig. While the chorus remained the same during the rest of the song his face was buried as he was mixing music live. In addition to EDM I have a lot of respect for people who make remixes. While there are more bad than good, nothing is better than discovering a good remix which blends old and new, slow and fast, loud and soft. This is extremely difficult because instead of building a song from the ground up, these people are tasked with taking something that is already perfect and making it perfect in another way.

At the end of the day EDM and Remixes have entered my musical taste. In the beginning I was very adamant in sticking to my grounded roots in the alternative music genre, but since coming to college that has changed. Gone is the xenophobic music taste and attitude because I have adapted. My repertoire and Spotify library represents this now by including artists such as Calvin Harris, Kygo, other EDM artists, and also all of my favorite songs on my Sound Cloud account. If I could say one thing, I would recommend stepping out of your music comfort zone to try something new, trust me it’s well worth it.