The Return of Foster the People


Foster the People teased their fans last week with a preview of their upcoming album, Supermodel, by releasing a new single, “Coming of Age.”  This is the band’s first release since 2011 and a long-awaited follow up to their debut album, Torches. If “Coming of Age” is representative of Supermodel, Foster the People has a redefined sound, slightly abandoning the electronic feel of the popular “Pumped Up Kicks” in favor of a more instrumental focus.  Mark Foster’s voice still shines through but without the added effects, and a more emotion-driven theme dominates the lyrics.  The single is a blend of old and new and has the potential to interest long-term fans while also attracting more mainstream listeners.

The “Coming of Age” video released on the band’s VEVO is time-lapse of a mural, revealing the artwork for Supermodel.

With the festival season quickly approaching, anticipation for the return of acts like Foster the People is high.   The band announced a North American summer tour in support of Supermodel last week.  The 20 live shows include a headlining spot at Coachella in April and several additional festival appearances.  Fans will have the chance to hear the new album live within weeks of its March 18th release date.  The full Supermodel track list is now public as the music world waits for the return of Foster the People.

Supermodel Track List:

1. Are You What You Want To Be

2. Ask Yourself

3. Coming Of Age

4. Nevermind

5. Pseudologia Fantastica

6. The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones

7. Best Friend

8. A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon

9. Goats In Trees

10. The Truth

11. Fire Escape

12. Tabloid Super Junky