Romano Drom Throws Down Some Gypsy Beats this Wednesday


Looking for a change of pace this Wednesday night? Look no further. Super prominent gypsy band, Romano Drom, will be performing downtown at the Campus Theatre starting at 7:30 pm (on Wednesday, February 26th).

The Campus Theatre will be opening up their doors for this free, yes- free, concert performance which will feature authentic gypsy melodies that draw inspiration from a wide range of world music as well as modern trends. According to their website’s Info section:

“Their success lies in their unique fusion music in which Antal Kovács (founder and composer of Romano Drom) combines the centuries-old musical culture with Catalan rumba, Arabic, Balkan and even pop rhythms.  In the musical arrangement, he is utilizing guitar, bass/double bass, as well as the traditional pot and spoon in order to achieve a unique and captivating sound.”

Personally, I would love to see some jamming out with the classic ‘ole pot and spoon.


After doing some research on Romano Drom’s sound, I can definitely attest to their energy. And while all their music is in Olah Gypsy, Hungarian Gypsy language, their sound, style, and pure swagger on stage in just captivating.


Check out Romano Drom performing “De ma Mamo” live, for a perfect example of their intensity

While Romano Drom spends most of their time touring Eastern Europe, they are hitting up some of America’s largest eastern cities this year, including Boston, New York, Philly, and yes- Lewisburg! I’ll be honest, I’m really not sure how on earth Lewisburg fits into Romano Drom’s to-do list after about 8 years of not playing anywhere in the United States, but that just goes to show how awesome it is that these dudes are making the trek out here to play a free show for us Bucknellians.

With corny TLC television shows like “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” taking our media by storm, it’s time to jump on the gypsy bandwagon. Okay, so maybe you don’t feel left out for missing out on gypsy culture, but either way, this performance is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and I am fairly positive that Romano Drom will not be back in Lewisburg for a long time, so don’t miss out!