Say Anything Announces ...Is A Real Boy Ten-Year Anniversary Tour


This fall, Say Anything will be going on tour in honor of the ten-year anniversary of their release of …is a Real Boy. Also performing on the tour will be Saves the Day, featuring their album Through Being Cool (November 2, 1999) as well as Reggie and the Full Effect with under the tray… (February 18, 2003). Say Anything was formed in 2000 by frontman Max Bemis, and since then, Bemis’s brilliant creativity, expansive vocabulary, and even drug addictions and bipolar disorder have led the band to release some incredibly vivid albums. Their music often touches on subjects such as anger, self-worth, and spite by incorporating a witty sense of humor and sarcasm that makes it strangely delightful and fun. On August 3, 2004, the band worked with Doghouse Records to release …is a Real Boy, an iconic symbol of rebellion and angst that has since appealed to emo, punk, and indie rock fans everywhere. If you haven’t heard the album yet, I wouldn’t even know what song to recommend—they’re all extremely well-written, catchy, and passionate, which will make for a show you won’t want to miss when the band plays through the entire album at each stop on their tour.  Check it out here. Since the release of …is a Real Boy, the band has released four other full-length albums, including Hebrews (also exceptional) which dropped earlier this year in June.

The tour runs from November 14 to December 21 and goes from coast to coast, so find the closest tour stop near you and treat yourself to a musical masterpiece!