She’s Just Being Miley: Bangerz Concert Tour Review


Move over, Hannah Montana: those days are long gone for Ms. Miley Cyrus. Recently, my sister and I ventured to Brooklyn for Miley’s Bangerz tour. I’ve got one word for you all: wow. Just…wow. While the show itself was unlike any other production I’ve ever seen, let’s just say that Miley didn’t leave anything up to the imagination…

 Before Miley graced us with her presence, duo Icona Pop pumped up the crowd with their high-energy tunes. These girls really knew how to get a crowd excited, performing hits “We Got The World”, “All Night”, “Girlfriend”, and of course, “I Love It”, among others. They were fun, carefree, jumped around stage, and interacted with the audience. Icona Pop’s performance sent good vibes all around the Barclays Center, putting everyone in a great mood for the one and only Miley.

Right after Icona Pop, synthpop/indie artist Sky Ferreira performed some songs off of her album Night Time, My Time. Although not nearly as energetic or engaging as Icona Pop, Ferreira’s performance featured her strong vocals and hit songs, like “Everything Is Embarrassing” and “You’re Not The One”. Ferreira’s performance mellowed out the crowd before the insanity that was about to begin.


After much anticipation, the room went black and the huge LED screen lit up with a picture of Miley’s face. Then, the screen parted and a large slide in the shape of Miley’s tongue came out (circa her infamous winkey-face-with-tongue-out phase). Miley, atop the tongue slide, greeted the crowd and slid down the slide to get the show started.

Clad in a tight crop top, bikini-like bottoms, and feathers (obviously the perfect outfit for twerking), Miley and her dancers were more than well received by the crowd. For most of the show, she performed many of the songs off of her latest album Bangerz. Perhaps one of the most jaw-dropping performances of the night was “Love Money Party,” during which Miley, atop a gold car and dressed in a tight leotard with jewel-encrusted weed leaves all over it (yup), shook what her momma gave her and layed all over the car as she displayed her otherwise flawless figure. Another crazy performance was “Adore You,” in which Miley encouraged crowd members to make out with one another as one of her camera guys willingly filmed people smooching for the big concert screen. Hey, at least she encouraged audience participation…

Miley then performed covers of Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan songs, citing both artists as two of her major musical influences. She also covered “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey and blew the crowd away with her rendition. But of course, it couldn’t be a Miley Cyrus concert without classic performances of her hits “Wrecking Ball”, “We Can’t Stop”, and her original hits “Can’t Be Tamed” and “Party in the USA”, all of which exceeded anyone’s expectations and were over-the-top.

The crowd truly couldn’t get enough of Miley: her strong vocals, stunning costumes, and out-of-control performances left us all craving more after each song ended. Miley’s Bangerz tour was a true production, complete with insane flashing and colored lights, unbelievable sets and props, and many talented dancers and her backup band. But the best part? You never knew what Miley was gonna do next. She was raunchy, funny, endearing, bada$$, dirty, sweet, and happy all at the same time. And we couldn’t get enough.

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