Showtek and Ookay Wanna See Their Fans Bounce


Up-and-coming electronic artists Showtek and Ookay recently teamed up to produce their newest track, “Bouncer” which just dropped on last Monday (3/24). A huge festival banger, the song hit the scene hard. Currently ranked 15th on Beatport’s “Top 100” list, I have no doubts that by the time this article hits the web they’ll be well into the top 10 with this track. Showtek set up a competition two weeks prior to the release of the track and challenged their fans to showcase and send in their personal “Bouncer moments” in order to earn a spot in the music video for the song. Along with being in the music video for this sick hit, winners were also given a reserved spot on the guest list for one of Showtek’s upcoming performances.

Showtek, a Dutch EDM duo, has been blowing up in the electronic music scene recently, and is no stranger to releasing quirky, entertaining music videos. In September of this past year, they dropped their track, “Booyah,” and coupled it with a dope music video featuring two young kids riding their bikes around a city with an old-school boombox, trying to get random strangers to dance to the song—it’s wild.

As for “Bouncer,” Showtek and Ookay wanted to incorporate their fans into the production, and in my opinion it turned out incredibly. The video is such an eclectic mix of people all doing a variety of things. We’ve got a group of friends selfie-recording themselves while riding those shore bikes with the big-ass handlebars, a Power Ranger jumping on a trampoline, batman fist-pumping next to an intersection in the middle of the city, among other random clips of people dancing. At the end, there’s even a smiling baby being held up by overall straps, bouncing around—no lie.

Whether you’re a fan of the song or not, the music video definitely deserves a watch. Expect to see a wide array of dancing—some incredibly talented, others not so much—laced with limited retro effects. Personally, I love the fact that Showtek and Ookay are taking a step forward in trying to include their fans in their post-music production process. This demonstrates just how personal and interconnected the electronic music scene is becoming, on multiple levels, from the fans to the producers.

Now, check out the music video for yourself!!