Snackbar Jones Rocks Bucknell This Saturday


Snackbar Jones is your ultimate Super Saturday getaway. From modern day hip hop, to country, and even to classic rock, they cover it all, literally.  They've been up and down the east coast, and even shared the bill with such acts as The Beach Boys, Salt & Pepa, Eddie Money, Kool & the Gang, and the Smithereens.

I've been watching videos of their past shows, and for a cover band, they honestly get the crowd very pumped up and it seems like everybody is having a hell of a time. The four piece band seems to have it all --- and they will be at TKE for House Party Weekend!  This is a gig you surely don't want to miss.

They play mainstream hip-hop songs that you'd think wouldn't be able to be played in a band, and then they'll throw in some Fall Out Boy!

You know, everyone loves some 00's nostalgia now and then, especially when you're in the best mindset to relive it.  Have a great HPW.