Songs, Seasons, and Sentiments


           Are you a seasonal listener? A musical “fair-weather friend?” I am. I believe that music is not only inspired by, but is meant for different seasons. And that seasonal music creates, breaks, enhances, or changes our moods. Music constantly affects mood: winter, spring, summer or fall. Whether I’m beach-bound on a breezy summer day as Jack Johnson’s acoustic tunes float from my car radio speakers; or I’m inside on a bone-chilling winter day, hot tea in hand as Bon Iver’s woodsy melodies emanate from my earbuds, I’m content. I find every day that music elevates me when nothing, or no one, else can. Music motivates me to play in the sand; to hike through the woods; to take a picture of the snow falling; to run a 5K; to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, just for the heck of it; to dance my butt off; to sing at the top of my lungs; to write a poem, or two; and simply…to live.  music_is_life_2-wallpaper-1280x720

            We all do it: live music, and interact with music in “our own way.” Whether it’s playing it, listening to it, creating it, appreciating it, exploring it, writing it, singing it, mixing it, or enjoying it, music happens to us each day…in each season. I’m sure you do a version of this, too, but I tend to pull out my “old favorites” for each season of the year: Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid and Colbie Caillat for Summer; Dave Matthews Band, The Kooks and O.A.R for Spring; Mumford & Sons, Amos Lee and Death Cab for Cutie for Fall; and Bon Iver, Florence + The Machine and The Tallest Man On Earth for Winter. I look forward to each season when these artists and their songs make an appearance back into my life. And yet, as quickly as the leaves change color or fall from the tree branches, I cycle through these seasonal songs over and over again.

But one thing is for sure. No matter what season we’re in, or where we are in those moments, music has “the power.”  The power to fulfill us. The power to inspire us. The power to help us. The power to guide us. The power to make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us fall in-and out-of love. Make us remember. Make us forget. But more than anything else, music has the power, year-round, to…change us. itunes-giftcard-4009


Day to day, iPod second to iPod second, we feel because music makes us feel. Music fills our hearts, our minds, our bodies and souls. A life without a soundtrack is a life without color; translation, a life without life itself. Whether it’s your wedding day, game day, average day, test day, free day, beach day, work day, snow day, or chill day, music’s there, creating the background to an otherwise monotone life. Music’s always there…in every season, every thought, every feeling, everything we do. Music, simply, is; and we are music.