Special Event of the Week: Trí Minh's Quartet


It’s already October and time at Bucknell is flying by way too fast, so before fall break hits there’s one more group who will be preforming at Bucknell!

Trí Minh's Quartet will be performing Sounds From Hanoi on Wednesday, October 8th at 7:30 pm in the lobby of the Weis center. This electronic/new music group was founded on a unique and creative idea: to create a dialogue between different instruments that incorporate a variety of sounds from Trí Minh’s native country, Vietnam. 

Trí Minh, the leader of the group, is a Hanoi Conservatory-trained composer and jazz pianist. He has created his own platform for creative work at home and abroad. He's worked with musicians from very diverse backgrounds, collaborated with international DJs and electronic musicians such as Robert Henke, Robin Scanner, and Dickson Dee.

His quartet is comprised of Trí Minh himself on piano, and electronics, Phạm Trà My on the đàn tranh (16 string zither), Đức Minh on the mouth harp, and Hà Đình Huy on drums and percussion.

This versatile group combines a variety of musical genres including electronica, acoustic, Vietnam motifs and some contemporary aspects. This group is beginning its debut U.S. tour which is included in the Center Stage program. This exchange program’s goal is to educate many populations through performing arts. In fact, Trí Minh envisions this project as an expression of his changing homeland and says, “I want to bring the new Vietnamese culture to places like the United States, so that audiences know we are an evolving country. We may still be poor, but we’re moving forward. This project shows how we live together: it’s chaotic but still in harmony.” (Facebook)

Sounds like they're offering a very distinct program that should definitely be taken advantage of. Plus, this concert is free, so all you have to do is show up!



Photo citation: http://eca.state.gov/highlight/center-stage-continues-connect-cultures

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