Spotify Apps: Great and Annoying At the Same Time


I am a loyal fan of Spotify. I pay for Spotify premium, and I wrote an article reviewing the subscription service in the fall semester. Spotify allows users to stream unlimited music and easily find new recommendations. Apps on Spotify are designed to help this process. They do, usually, but they also often drive me up a wall.

Selecting App Finder on the Spotify sidebar brings up the current applications available. They are categorized into Top Charts, Discovery, Reviews, Social, Games, Lyrics, and Concerts & Events. Some well-known names have their apps on Spotify, including NME, Pitchfork, and Billboard.

I personally have “favorite” the Reddit Tunes, Twitter Music, Pitchfork, and NME apps. Reddit Tunes features playlists based off the popular tracks on featured music subreddits. Some of these reddits have not been active in years, and the playlists are incomplete. Other subreddits are so inactive that the playlist never changes. Twitter Music has genres top tracks based off Twitter activity. This system is very fallible though—it is not weird to see a scene metal band under the folk category or a country artist under hip-hop. Pitchfork is rarely updated (however it is where I first heard Benji, which I recently reviewed).  I have no grievances with NME.

When the apps work, they are amazing. They are a great way to find new music. They have premade playlists, taking away the annoyance of having to completely make your own from scratch. Apps are released every day, so there is only room for improvement. When the apps get buggy, they make Spotify seem like it is running on my Gameboy Color. It drags to a halt and lags like all bloody hell. Songs play randomly, ghostly even.

Apps on Spotify are a great idea, just lacking in execution. Within a few more months, I expect the experience to be completely user friendly.