State of the Union: Lisa Lapp's Favorite Tunes


Here it is, Bucknell. You’ve been waiting for another State of the Union since President Bravman’s playlist in April 2014 and Dean Lantz’s in November 2014 -- you shall wait no longer!  You know her as Bucknell Public Safety’s Parking Manager, maybe you’ve even received a ticket from her for parking where you shouldn’t have.  Regardless, Lisa Lapp is an important person on Bucknell’s campus.  But, have you ever wondered what kind of music our Parking Manager listens to?  

Lisa has an extremely diverse playlist of her favorite tunes which you can find at the bottom of this page.  But before we get to that, let’s delve into the genres Ms. Lapp enjoys and why!

I think we all can agree that with Lisa that “Music can be a release, it can comfort, it can energize and it can help a long day go faster.”  What, exactly, she is listening to at any moment depends entirely on how she is feeling or what she is doing.  Lisa is by no means a picky-music-consumer, she says, “There are so many genres of music and I enjoy most all of them” but admits that her least favorite genres are heavy metal or very hard rock.

Creating a list of all-time favorites was difficult, Lapp says, as she enjoys all kinds of music “from Elvis to Eminem and so much in between.”

Dean Lantz and Lisa Lapp have one thing definitively in common: Christmas music;

If you ask anyone in my family or those I work with, they will tell you I am a Christmas music junkie, which is true. I listen to it from Nov. 1-Jan. 1. Weird? Yes, but I enjoy it, Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

When it isn’t Christmas music season for Lisa Lapp, she tends to listen to a lot of Country music. “Mostly the old stuff, the new Country isn’t nearly as good. I grew up on Elvis and The Osmonds [...]” and also enjoys listening to instrumentals, some reggae, two-step and pop music.  Lisa saw The Osmonds in concert at a fair here in Pennsylvania and remembers going to her first rock concert -- Foreigner -- here at Bucknell’s Davis gym in the late 1970s.  Ms. Lapp appreciates the relationship between music and memory;

Songs can take us back to a certain place and time in our lives, some good and some bad. Regardless they evoke memories from our past. I have always marveled at the way I can recall the words to a song from 40 years ago when it comes on the radio but I can’t remember where I parked at Wal-Mart.

Lisa Lapp hopes that you enjoy listening to her favorite songs and maybe even find one or two that you like.

Thank you, Ms. Lapp for taking the time to send me your favorite songs. Enjoy!