State of the Union: Dean Lantz’s Favorite Tunes


(Photo Courtesy of Susan Lantz) Last year, I started a series called “State of the Union” (if you don’t remember it, here is the link). The idea is that I contact various members of the administration here at Bucknell and I ask them to send me a few of their favorite songs which I will later compile into a playlist.  Last year, I kicked the series off with President Bravman’s playlist which included The Rolling Stones, U2, and quite a bit of Madonna.

This year, I will start off with another member of Bucknell’s administration that you are probably familiar with; you know her as the Dean of Students here at Bucknell, but have you ever wondered what Dean Lantz listens to when she is kicking back on a weekend, driving her kids to events, or on the way home from Bucknell?

Dean Lantz sent me the top 7 songs that make her smile when they shuffle through her playlist and her 6 go-to CDs that are always in her car, check them out!

Dean Lantz admitted to me that she has “a bit of an eclectic taste in music,” which is evident from the mix of groups like Air Supply (her first concert ever!), The Commitments, and Faith Hill, but eclectic is never a bad thing here at Campus Vinyl.

Also included in Dean Lantz’s list are “Beautiful Surprise” by India Arie which Dean Lantz’s says reminds her of unexpected and special friendships, “Not A Bad Thing” by Justin Timberlake--a song that is also on her 13 year old son’s iPod and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder; Dean Lantz’s husband is a bass player and one of her fondest memories of early in their dating relationship is of him singing the bass part of this song in her ear while dancing.

Fun Fact: In the Lantz household, the day after Thanksgiving, our Dean of Students pulls out her more than 50 holiday CDs and plays nothing but holiday music until New Year’s Eve!

Dean Lantz’s favorite CDs:

John Mayer, Any Given Thursday, live

Vonda Shepard,  Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life

James Taylor, James Taylor Live

Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces

Elvis Presley, 30 #1 Hits

Taylor Swift, Fearless

If you’ve ever wondered what Dean Lantz counts among her top songs (and to see if maybe you have a favorite song in common?!) check out the complete Spotify playlist below.

Thank you, Dean Lantz, for sharing your playlist with Campus Vinyl!