Who is Stitches, and Why is He Going To Throw A Brick In My Face?


Here it is. The article everyone who has heard of Stitches has been waiting for.  And if you haven’t heard of Stitches, there is no better time than now. To begin, I’d like to just throw a quote from his biggest smash hit “Brick in Yo Face” in yo’ face… “I got an AK-47 on my face, ho

So you know I don't shoot no pistol

I dare you to come near my threshold

This gun will not reload

Cause bitch I got extendos

Bitch I got extendos

Don't play with me boy, don't play with me boy

Go play your Nintendo!!”

If you do not have an M.F.A., fear not because I am here to help.


Stitches, or Phillip Katsabanis (honestly, a lot less badass), is a 19 year old rapper out of Miami. You can tell a lot about the character that is Stitches just by looking at him. He is covered in gang related tattoos (including the aforementioned AK on his face), has a moderately stylish Mohawk, and wears the hip hop staple: a large white shirt and baggy pants. Through the broad success of his “Brick in Yo Face” video, Stitches was signed by TMI record company. Stitches produced “Brick in Yo Face” as an unsigned 18 year old, which is more impressive than anything I’d done by that age. He blew up on where else, but World Star Hip Hop.

Stitches’ songs tell one unified message: Stitches loves cocaine. The message of every song is cocaine related. You can guess what the brick is in “Brick in Yo Face”. His other single “Mail” describes how Stitches sells blow through the mail. In my opinion, there’s no better way to warrant an FBI raid than to proclaim in a song that you deal cocaine through the United States Postal Service. This song features one of my favorite Stitches moments—Stitches sings in front of a wall of PO Boxes carrying Flat Rate boxes. It’s almost a sick advertisement from an alternate universe. Another single, “Facts”, answers the question we have all been dying to know. Does Stitches get high on his own supply? Yes he does, but as you can imagine he words it very differently.


Stitches would be just another guy on YouTube and World Star if it wasn’t for his live performances. Stitches is a character and he brings it out fully on stage. The music gets pumping and the crowd gets rowdy, then the big one comes: Brick in Yo Face. Stitches then retreats back and brings out actual bricks of white powder. He cuts them open and flings the powder into the audience, snorting some along the way. Stitches will bring out his personal collection of powder as well. Based on audience reports, the powder is merely flour. It still makes me think: why would a venue hall want this type of publicity? He was not far away in Lancaster, PA in September.


Based on an ESPN radio interview, Stitches has been arrested 10 times. According to him, he was going in and out of jail from the age of 14. Either he meant juvenile detention or Stitches was such a gangster 15 year old that he was put in actual jail against our own legal system. That would definitely sell mixtapes. Even though he has seen the inside of a cell so many times for a 19 year old, he claims he has never been caught by law enforcement with cocaine in any way. He also claims that his days of being involved in drugs and crime are over, since of course, he does have two kids. Stitches is making enough money from rapping to drop the Miami Vice lifestyle. And that’s what the American Dream is all about.

Am I overanalyzing Stitches? Absolutely. It’s an injustice to Stitches to view him for anything other than what he presents himself as--an entertainer. He is incredibly entertaining, with his catchy choruses and Grand Theft Auto like music videos. Based on his radio interview, he is just a 19 year old “former” gangster and is just in a niche genre.

Stitches’ mixtape is out now.

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To give you a little treat, here is Stitches doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.