The Super-Duper Saturday Playlist


It’s finally the end of a long week and the start of a beautiful weekend. The sun’s shining, the wind’s whispering... ah yes, it's another beautiful Saturday at Bucknell. As soon as the afternoon sun reaches its point in the sky, speakers from all across town seem to call to the gaggles of students, eagerly roaming the maze of downtown with their sirens of a Top 40 mix tape. But with all these people coming together for a lovely day outdoors, it's a crucial yet bold attempt to have a playlist ready that everyone’s bound to love.

Keeping with the Bucknell love of logic and equations, I’ve developed a formula for this ideal soundtrack. The beauty of a Saturday afternoon playlist is in the perfect balance of mellow vibes, as to not overshadow the conversation of the crowds, and upbeat tempos to keep everyone excited and awake. So here’s what you’re gonna do:

2 parts Top 40 (what’s everyone listening to at the moment) + 3 parts classic hits that everyone loves (the band’s that everyone seems to know the words to) + 1 part the latest indie hit you just found (because “hey cool song” is always a great compliment) +  1 part throwback (choose wisely) + 2 parts recognizable songs (the one that people will know kind-of sort-of but not too well).

And voila! The perfect background music to a perfect Saturday. Now let’s put it all together:

2 Parts Top 40: 

Royals: Lorde

Wrecking Ball: Miley Cyrus

3 Parts Classic Hits: 

Snow (Hey Oh): Red Hot Chili Peppers

Lonely Boy: The Black Keys

What I Got: Sublime 1 Part Latest Indie Hit: 

Chocolate: The 1975

1 Part Throwback: Free Fallin’: Tom Petty 2 Parts Recognizable Songs: 

Carried Away: Passion Pit

Heads Will Roll: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Try this out at your next party and try this formula for yourself, you’re bound to be a playlist wizard.