Take Pride in your Spotify


Spotify is a music app that lets users have access to unlimited amounts of music for free. They promote their music library as something personal, giving you the option to “like” songs to help tailor your account even more to your specific tastes. However, this app has transformed into much more than a personal music library. The key is sharing. People create accounts then they share those account with their close friends family, and even make it public to the whole world to view and listen to. Spotify accounts have become more like a musical profile, creating playlists and adding songs that say something about yourself and who you are. Similar to many other social media outlets, it is the goal of many users to gain as many followers as possible, but to Spoitfy users it can mean a little more. Now I bring you to the word pride. Users take great pride in their playlists and consider it a part of who they are and who they aspire to be. Some people spend hours and hours searching this massive music library, attempting to find a perfect array of songs to fit their Spotify account. They share these accounts with the public as a way to express who they are through music and perhaps gain some credit for their dedication. It is the goal of some users to become “Spotify famous”, gaining thousands of followers and being known as a great source of good music. In my opinion, this type of dedication to developing a personal Spotify account, then sharing it with the public, is something that should be recognized in the music world. Taking into account the amount of time and energy put into creating these accounts, these Spotify artists should be recognized in the way that singers and other music artists are. It is important to note that not everyone who has a Spotify takes pride in their account; some have it for the sole reason of following these gifted and dedicated beings that do take pride. It has become a talent to be a music collector and I believe these people should be given some recognition for their hard work.

This led me to a search. I wanted to search Bucknell’s campus for the most popular student Spotify accounts. I posted on many forms of social media, as well as asking by word of mouth, for some individuals who take pride in their Spotify accounts and deserve to be recognized for their awesome tastes in music. I wanted to find these students because I believe they need a little recognition for all the hours they spend pulling together the perfect playlists. Especially since these playlists are created not only for themselves but also for the enjoyment of others. Please check out these accounts and playlists because you could be looking at your new workout and homework playlists for 2015. And hey, if you see these guys around, let em’ know how much you love their playlists… they deserve it.

Here are Bucknell’s Spotify Celebs:



BrettWalter pic

What is your class year? Senior (2015)

What is your Spotify username?

Brett Walter (classic, I know)

Please describe your Spotify in a few sentences (can include genres, artists ect). 

My Spotify is all over the place - everything from gospel to rap.  It mostly consists of a playlist called "Feelin' This," which has become my pride and joy.  Whenever I hear a song and think, "Wow I'm feelin' this," BOOM it goes on the playlist.

What sets your Spotify apart from others?

The inordinate amount of Beyonce.

What does your Spotify mean to you?

My Spotify is invaluable to me because there is no other place you can find music so easily, from so many different artists, and combine them into a playlist that is uniquely your own (for free).

Why do you want people to follow your Spotify? What does it mean to you when people follow your Spotify?

I love my Spotify because it allows me to share the music I love with others without me having to hold my friends down to force them to listen.  When people follow me, it's like they're complimenting my taste in music, which I take pride in. I love when I can see my new discoveries pop up in other people's playlists.



TomLukow pic

What is your class year? 2016

What is your Spotify username? 125624971 (Unfortunately I've never been able to change it so that it's not a bunch of numbers, but if you're friends with me on Facebook you can just search my name)

Please describe your Spotify in a few sentences (can include genres, artists etc). 

My Spotify covers a wide spectrum of music since what I'm listening to usually depends on my mood or what I'm doing at the time (usually homework).  Although I listen mostly to indie/alt rock, I have playlists ranging from hip hop including Kendrick Lamar and Notorious B.I.G. to Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole from the 1940's. I can't pigeon-hole my music taste into just one category, I'm all over the place.

What sets your Spotify apart from others?

I have a wide taste in music and a passion for creativity. I've been working on a playlist for the better part of a year that I call the "INDIE 500." As you can probably tell from the name (and obvious pun), it's a culmination of 500 different alternative and indie rock songs.  I'm getting very close to finishing it, which I'm pretty psyched about! Its things like the INDIE 500 and other playlists of mine that I think provide a unique perspective and appeal to any listener regardless of taste of music.

What does your Spotify mean to you?

Spotify is a great way for me and anyone else to express themselves creatively.  I love discovering new music by stumbling around Spotify with no goal in mind (especially when I know exactly where a new song will fit into one of my playlists).  But the greatest thing about Spotify is the ease of sharing music with friends.  One of my favorite things is checking my messages and seeing a song that someone sent me that they think I'll enjoy.  And when I get a message, I'll return the favor and send another song right back. It's a fun way to stay in touch with some of my friends I don't see often. To me, it's another form of social media, which is why I love sharing my music.

Why do you want people to follow your Spotify? What does it mean to you when people follow your Spotify?

I'd like people to follow my Spotify so that I can help them discover more music that they like.  It's not always easy to find new music, and I know people who feel like they don't have the time to actively search for it, so sometimes it's nice to find a new playlist that has stuff you've never heard before.  Everyone loves the feeling of discovering a new favorite song so I like to share the songs I find and see if more people will feel the same way.  When people follow my Spotify I take it as a little pat on the back.   It's like I'm doing something right which makes me want to work on it even more! I just enjoy good music and sharing it with others.



Peter Puleo pic

My name is Peter Puleo, and I'm a Junior.  My Spotify account is easily found by searching my facebook name (Peter W. Puleo).  My Spotify is unique because it doesn't embody any single genre.  Rather, there's a healthy mix of music you love (from hiphop, electronic, and alt/indie rock to blues, jazz, and soundtrack), and music you haven't ever been introduced to.

I began using Spotify in 2010, and haven't looked back because it doesn't put a price on a song, and that means the ability to explore new artists and genres without any financial obligation.  With Spotify, it's all about the music, and it's all about the community.  That's exactly why I'm honored when people follow my account, because it represents someone trusting me to help them think differently about music, transform their taste, and at the very least, make them smile.

(Photo credit: Spotify)