The Tallest Man on Earth: Our Generation’s Bob Dylan


Saras Per Kristian Matsson, under the moniker of The Tallest Man on Earth, is another upcoming singer-songwriter hailing from Sweden.  The first time I listened to his music, I told others about him immediately, comparing him to the great Bob Dylan.  Later research actually showed that many others, including critics, compared his songwriting, vocals, and guitar playing to Dylan as well – and this is not a simple feat.  According to him, his vocals and his guitar playing are one, such as when two people fall in love.  As a result, many people have fallen in love with his catchy, upbeat tunes.  Because of this deep-rooted connection between himself and his guitar, unlike other artists, he records his music all in one instead of playing then singing.  His voice is strong and extremely captivating with an incredible range with which he can reach the highest and lowest of notes.  As a result, his audiences, including myself, are moved greatly and feel a sense of connection with the Tallest Man on Earth. Accompanying his outstanding voice and his catchy guitar riffs with open tunings, he nails the second part of being a singer-songwriter (being a songwriter as well).  Many of his songs focus on nature and assimilating himself and others with the outdoors.  Using beautiful imagery throughout every song coupled with his vocal ability really paints a picture for his fans, only creating a deeper link, which I think is one of the most important aspects of being an entertainer- especially when he is seen live in concert.  Although I have never seen him in person, his words inspire myself, friends, and other TTMOE fans.

Strangely enough, when Matsson was in grade school, he believed that the guitar was similar to math and was disgusted and bored with it, giving up until after high school graduation.  Similar to athletes, if one gets bored with it and lose touch with their passion, they lose their skill, but this did not happen to the Tallest Man.  In his twenties, he reconnected with guitar after listening to Nick Drake because of his unique style of singing and playing guitar.  With this, he was open to more instruments as well and learned to play the banjo and piano, only diversifying his style if he really wanted to.

Since 2006, The Tallest Man on Earth has released three full albums:  Shallow Grave, The Wild Hunt, and finally in 2012 he released There’s No Leaving Now.  Along with these under-the-radar albums, he also released two 5-song EPs, one self-titled and the other called Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird.

Matsson, or The Tallest Man on Earth, is a charismatic, humble, and very open singer-songwriter whom everyone should listen to.  His voice is raw and transforms every lyric into a picture, and should be seen as the musical Van Gogh or whatever painter you may like.  Whoever the hell it is, if someone is compared to Bob Dylan, I think it’s worth giving a listen to.