Taylor Swift Answers to the Critics in Her “Blank Space” Video


If you haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” yet, then stop reading immediately and go listen to it. Actually, make sure you watch the music video which can be found further down. (Yeah, I know, it’s a further continuance of her pop trend, but was her country music really country music anyway?) If you’ve been following T-Swift for a while, then you’ll know that “Blank Space” is nothing new or out of the ordinary: a song about a crazy partner in a relationship and a brutal break-up. But hold up – Taylor Swift is the crazy person in this one?! As a matter of fact, yes she is.

After all of the talk in the media about her song lyrics being about the same old stuff, Swift decided to do somewhat of a parody – a song that exaggerated and mocked the way the media often portrays her (as a crazy girlfriend who can’t keep a boyfriend). This song turned into “Blank Space”. In addition to the lyrics, the music video accentuates the way she has been portrayed in the media, having Swift act, quite literally, as a “serial dater.”




Most of the video is done in typical T-Swift fashion: filmed at a castle in Huntington, NY (s/o to our Bucknell Long Island peeps): check; white horses: check; top-grossing male model Sean O’Pry: check; vintage, super-rare Shelby AC Cobra: check. The curveball comes in at the end when Taylor Swift is the one portrayed as crazy as she takes a golf club to the aforementioned AC Cobra and beats (kills?) her beloved boyfriend who was caught texting another girl.

But wait, if you’re at all into cars you’re still thinking about that poor, poor Cobra. Did she really take a pitching wedge to the headlights and hood of one of the most sought after and rare vintage cars that exists today (of which less than one hundred still survive)? Well, of course not. This is all explained in a series of behind-the-scenes videos she released regarding the production of the video a few weeks after its release. The scene where she apparently destroys O’Pry’s one, true love was done (very well, I must say) with special effects.




Overall, the video is filmed and produced in a super cool fashion: it is introduced in the format of a movie and totally nails the aristocratic vibe the producers were presumably going for. The fact that I can’t even hear the song without imagining Taylor Swift and Sean O’Pry riding horses outside of the Oheka Castle has to say something in support of the music video. And as far as the lyrics go, I mean come on; who wouldn’t want their name written on one of Taylor Swift’s blank spaces?


[Featured image sourced from huffingtonpost.com]