#TBT The Dutchess: Let’s talk about Fergie


Sure she might still pop up from time to time, but let’s journey back to 2006, the year of The SpongeBob Movie, High School Musical, and most importantly, my sixth grade ice skating birthday party which was super cool because I had just purchased the full (edited of course) album, The Dutchess, by Fergie. Bumping from my state of the art boom-box came the sweet siren songs of “London Bridge”, “Glamorous”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, and my personal favorite, “Fergalicious”.

The Dutchess came about in 2006 as a debut solo album for Fergie,  recorded while touring with The Black Eyed Peas. Fellow bandmate Will.I.Am. played a large part in the recording process as the album’s executive producer. The songs themselves however, were written over a 7 year period by Fergie as a means to express her inner emotions, struggles, lovers, haters, drug addiction and recovery, and feminine power.

With a wide array of lyrical subjects, it’s no surprise that the album itself is a collection of pop, hip-hop, reggae, soul, and much more. Fergie wanted the CD to be an autobiographical release, something to create an intimate relationship between her and the listener, because we know, there’s something about “London Bridge” that speaks to the soul’s most inner emotions.

All these soul-searching songs truly worked in the songstress’s favor. Off the album came 5 top five singles (including 3 #1’s) all selling over 2 million digital downloads each in the US, setting a record that was held until 2012 when Teenage Dream by Katy Perry reached 6 singles.

And just what were these record setting songs you ask? Well, appease your ears with these gems:


London Bridge 



Big Girls Don’t Cry 










So go ahead and reminisce back to the days of our middle school prime, and take this fun fact with you: the album got its title from “The Duchess of York” being that Fergie, and the actual Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, share the same surname and nickname, and the spelling of “Dutchess” was actually historically valid…who knew? There you have it, a history lesson and a lesson in our girl, F to the E, R, G to I to E (and can’t no other lady break it down like she).

Image Credit: http://www.fergie.com/photos/photos?page=0%2C1