#TBT to Some Old School Rap Songs…With a Twist


#TBT to when I first learned to drive and blasted old school rap songs while my licensed driver chaperone (aka my dad) was in the front seat scared for his life. Something about those songs made us feel pretty damn cool. This week I decided to explore a new aspect of those songs, the covers. I feel like sometimes covers don't get enough credit.  Some are definitely more impressive than others but here are some artists’ takes on those old school songs I have grown to know and love. In 2007 50 Cent and good old Justin Timberlake brought us “AYO Technology”. A year later Milow came out with an acoustic version which ended up in the top charts in six different countries.


This next cover I first heard watching No Strings Attached in theaters and immediately went home and looked it up. In 2003 Jay-Z came out with this hit “99 Problems” and in 2011 Hugo followed with a folksy version with a real heavy beat.


Throwing it back to before Snoop Dogg turned to Snoop Lion then back into Snoop Dogg (confusing), in 1993 he released the famous “Gin and Juice”. In 1998 The Gourds followed up with a quirky alternative-southern cover.


In 1996 Blackstreet and Dr.Dre came together and released the jam “No Diggity”. This cover is up there as one of my favorites on this list, not only because I’m really into the song in general but also because I think Chet Faker creates a really chill and relaxed vibe with this song. His cover of “No Diggity” in 2011 gave his career a great jump start and he’s now got two other awesome albums.


“The Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi featuring MGMT was released in 2009 and is still one of Cudi’s overall top hits. Lissie came out with a passionate folk/rock version in 2011 which is now one of her top songs as well.


It’s hard to believe that it was seven years ago in 2008 that T.I. came out with “Whatever You Like”. This next cover by Anya Marina I first heard during one Gossip Girl episode (another #TBT for me). This was the song that actually inspired this playlist in the first place


In 2003 OutKast released “Hey Ya!” following other famous hits such as “Roses” and “Ms.Jackson”In 2008 Obadiah Parker released his cover of the hit song. This version was very well received.  With a more relaxed singer-songwriter feel it quickly became one of Parkers top releases.


A few of us can remember Nelly’s Spring Concert performance in 2012. One of the top moments was his performance of one of his chart-topping his “Hot In Herre” that got the crowd really goin. Jenny Owen Youngs confidently took on this song and changed it to a folksy pop tune in 2007. Young’s video gives the song a more quirky and comical side.


image from wikipedia