#TBT Smash Mouth: The All Stars of Our Generation


Maybe you had 60 seconds of bliss on your Hit-Clip of their latest single, or maybe you felt really cool referencing a “real band” from your Shrek soundtrack.  Regardless, this week’s #TBT goes out to Smash Mouth. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, the band has had a pretty musically eclectic past, yet kept churning out singles to which we still pride ourselves on knowing all the lyrics today.

Formed in 1994, Steve Harwell, former singer of rap group F.O.S. (if you’re just as curious as I was, check out their seemingly only song on the internet here) decided he wanted to form a rock band and assembled guitarist Greg Camp, bassist Paul De Lisle, and drummer Kevin Coleman into what we know and love as Smash Mouth, a name derived from a football term.

After rehearsing and producing two demos, the quartet finally decided to record a full-length album influenced by their summer festival with No Doubt and Beck and thus was born Fush Yu Mang. The album went double platinum with that little gem known as “Walkin’ on the Sun”. This catchy pop ditty was originally meant as a drumming exercise track for Coleman until he realized its potential and convinced the rest of the band to pursue the track’s possibilities. Noticeably different from the rest of the punk sounding album, “Walkin’ on the Sun” propelled the band further up the charts, who thankfully kept the momentum going.


Two years later, in 1999, Smash Mouth released their follow up album Astro Lounge, providing us with one of the greatest musical gifts to our generation, “All Star”. So spike up your locks with plenty of hair gel, put on your very best cargo pants and take a moment to feel nothing but utter happiness while watching their music video. I bet the cameos of William H. Macy, Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria and more were highly underappreciated when you last watched it in first grade.


In 2001, the band covered the Monkees’ “I’m a Believer” for the Shrek soundtrack as well as for their self-titled album. That same year they performed “I Wanna Be Like You” for the release of The Jungle Book 2; you might recall this one on the very first Disney Mania CD as well.

After signing to Universal Records, Smash Mouth released a greatest hits compilation followed by a Christmas album. Yes kids, you too can own the Gift of Rock featuring covers of your favorite Christmas songs as well as a few originals, guaranteed to be a confusing delight for your next holiday get together.

Unfortunately Smash Mouth lost their momentum although they still continue to release albums regularly.  The latest one, Magic, released in 2012 features a song titled “Justin Bieber” as well as a cover of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, which is surprisingly enjoyable!

But “Come on, Come on” let’s not lose faith in Smash Mouth, maybe all we need is yet another Shrek movie to skyrocket them back onto the chart. Nevertheless, they will always have a special place in our millennial hearts. Whatever the case may be they left us believing that we too are All Stars, so hang in there Smash Mouth we’re rooting for you!


Image Credit: http://csbj.com/files/2013/01/smash.jpg