Tegan And Sara Ready For Pop Stardom On New Album


I watched Tegan And Sara perform live for the first time during my peak angsty pre-teen phase. They opened a show for Paramore, and their alt-confessional songs were the perfect precursor to rocking out to “Misery Business”. Since then, I’ve been an avid fan of their quirky, acoustic tracks. However, on 2013 release Heartthrob, the duo traded guitar licks and punk style for an 80’s-inspired bass line and focused pop sound. After a successful decade-long career notable for its angst, making a musical 180 was the last thing I expected from the band. Somehow, though, it works. Tegan And Sara’s new music is catchy, and more importantly, just as cool as it was before. Three years after it’s release, I’m still completely smitten with Heartthrob (“Drove Me Wild” is a great introduction track, in case you’re not sold) and I’m excited to hear what’s up next.

Since April, the band has been releasing singles in anticipation of their eighth studio album, Love You to Death, set for release on June 3rd. With the help of mega-hit producer Greg Kurstin, Tegan And Sara have created another album that seamlessly fits the modern pop sound. If the singles are any indicator, it’s going to be one of the summer’s biggest albums.

Lead single “Boyfriend” is an addicting pop hit, and perhaps the album’s strongest release so far. Though it starts slow, the song’s chorus reveals its emotional and sonic peak, when Sara Quinn sings “I don’t wanna be your secret anymore.” Several remixes have already been released (including an excellent one by my recent obsession, Shura).



“U Turn” is heavy on the synth, but better for it. The track is an absolute blast. It’s made for the radio. It’s Heartthrob, but better. It’s going to be overplayed this summer, and I am so here for it.



Tegan and Sara show their range on “100x”, a slow ballad that is structured around a simple yet emotional chord progression. With almost no bass, this track is unique to the rest of the singles. With lyrics like “I was someone you loved, then I was no one at all,” the song showcases the band’s vulnerability.



Most recently, the duo released “Stop Desire”, a smooth, synth-driven track with a commanding drum kick. This one will definitely be a festival favorite.



I’m very much about Tegan And Sara’s new style. The singles from Love You To Death capture the effortless allure of the band’s entire career and emphasize their status as pop heavyweights. The ability to put out consistently on-trend music across genres is often missing from the current soundscape, but Tegan And Sara’s success means one thing: no matter what moves they make after this album, they’re going to keep releasing music that we love to death.

Image via musicfeeds.com.au.