The Bands You Might Not Know But Probably Should: Tegan and Sara


Make sure to look forward to this weekly column, which will be written by different Campus Vinyl BucknellU journalists every week! Its getting to be that magnificent time of year again. That ideal summertime windows down car ride and the signature soundtrack that, years later, will act as an instant reminder of everything that happened.  Well Bucknell, I’ve got that soundtrack right here.

Twin sister duo Tegan and Sara have just released their seventh studio album Heartthrob. Chockfull of pop-synth rhythms, punchy strings, catchy bass and solid drums, this album has the fantastic ability to transcend from ideal background music to perfect summertime sing-along.

Their siren-like vocals truly add a unique aspect to their already original sound. Their perfect harmonies not only highlight their distinct voices, but yet seem to reflect what sounds like a duel recording of the same person. The melodies of Tegan and Sara have a captivating aura to them.

Definitely keep your eye on these two. While they haven’t exactly picked up momentum in all-important top-40, they already have quite the impressive repertoire including tours with Neil Young and the Pretenders and another with The Killers, an album, The Con, produced by Death Cab for Cutie’s producer Christopher Walla, and their latest album produced by Greg Kurstin who has worked with Lily Allen, Kelly Clarkson and Ke$ha.

Currently, they are on an international tour and later this year will be touring with fun., so hurry up and grab your tickets because that is bound to be a fantastic show!

For more information, visit their website at

So to get you started, here are my top 5 Tegan & Sara recommendations from albums new and past to properly kick-start that summer mix-tape.

5. I’m Not Your Hero

4. Walking With a Ghost 

3. The Ocean (Acoustic) 

2. Drove Me Wild

1. Closer