The First Ever Go Greek Fest Set To Feature DJ Battle Royale


This Saturday, April 13, the Interfraternity Council, the PanHellenic Council, and the Bucknell radio station WVBU, are putting are putting on the First Annual Go Greek Fest, and the main attraction is the interfraternity DJ Battle that’s going with all nine fraternities having their representative DJs fight for honor and glory on the electronic battlefield. The Fraternities and their DJs are as follows: Lambda Chi Alpha’s DJCJ, Chi Phi’s Czar Nicholas III, Delta Upsilon’s Isomatik, Kappa Alpha Psi’s DJ NiteCrawler, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Doug Bogan, Kappa Delta Rho’s DJ Blazin Asian, Kappa Sigma’s D. J-Dog, Sigma Chi’s J-Brown, and Tau Kappa Epsilon’s Operator. After many ideas being thrown around at exec meetings, the Go Greek Fest was going to be a way for all the Greek organizations to get together and show off Greek life as a whole, instead of the individual chapter events, to potential new members (PNM). While it was originally planned to be a week-long extravaganza, it was made into one event, likened to Fall Fest but it would have to “blow it way out of proportion” according to IFC President Jonathan Como. There’s also going to be other forms of entertainment like carnival style food and the inflatables from BU After Dark too. And at the end of the event, after all the DJs have had their chance to show off their skills behind the table, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite DJ to win.

Additionally, there are going to be tables for each of the fraternities and sororities for potential new members to learn more about Greek Life.

Here’s what IFC President Jonathan Como has to say about the event and his work on it: “Overall, I feel great about the event. I'm confident that it will be a ton of fun for anyone who goes, but more importantly it will be something a little bit different from the events we usually see on campus. IFC, Panhel, the radio station, and our advisor Kevin Pons have all been putting in tons of man-hours to make sure it turns out the way we envisioned it. The hardest part was coordinating all of the different parts of the event. Other than the lightning, venue, and food we contracted everything out to organizations in the area as opposed to going through the school, which is something that few of us had had experience with up until this point. I would 100% recommend anyone reading this article to come check out the event, even if only to come grab some of the free food!”

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So there you have it folks, Go Greek Fest 2013 is coming your way in less than a week and you better be prepared for all the awesome entertainment that’s coming your away. DJ battles, carnival food, and bouncy-houses courtesy of IFC, Panhel, and WVBU.