The Gloaming


Many thanks to the Weis Center of Performing Arts for, first and foremost, bringing The Gloaming to Bucknell’s campus and for providing me with the opportunity to witness such an extraordinary concert. Campus Vinyl thanks you for your continued support and partnership. The moment the five musicians stepped onto the stage of the Weis Center for the Performing Arts, I knew that I was going to experience something truly spectacular. They walked out on stage, took their positions, and began with a hauntingly beautiful piece which rang out throughout the concert hall. The breadth of repertoire, the stunning musicality, and the overwhelming emotion evoked by The Gloaming quite literally took my breath away.

The Sailor’s Bonnet



The Gloaming features Iarla Ó Lionaird on vocals, Thomas Bartlett on piano, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on hardanger, Martin Hayes on violin/fiddle and Dennis Cahill on guitar. Each member brings his own style, experience, and expertise to the quintet to contribute to The Gloaming’s dynamic sound. Very much a bridge between traditional Irish folk music and contemporary music, The Gloaming borrows, transforms, and creates to craft magnificent pieces of music that both stun and inspire. It is apparent that a high degree of musicality allows this group to experiment with its unique sound.

Song 44



In this concert, The Gloaming played a series of sets of songs in which each songs melted into the next in transition for a seamless experience. Between sets, a member of the group would introduce himself and offer a bit of background on each the songs that were to be played.

The Gloaming’s sound expanded throughout the Weis Center and enveloped the audience; each individual spectator seemed to feel completely alone, experiencing this expression of musical mastery entirely removed from their surroundings.