The Nighttime Sounds of Granada, Spain


Granada, Spain is a city of mixture. Nearly everything here, from the architecture down to the food, originates from a unique combination of influences not found anywhere else in the world. This city is an amalgamation of both the modern and the ancient, the familiar and the exotic. Not surprisingly, the same goes for the music. Each night Granada’s numerous bars and discotecas blend the sounds of the American and international Top 40 with the biggest hits of the Spanish-speaking world to create a party experience unlike anything you would ever get back home. On a typical night, you’re likely to hear the newest Rihanna or Avicii single interspersed with various salsa, reggaetón and merengue-influenced pop songs, as well as a healthy dose of house and electronic. In Granada, you really do get a bit of everything—here’s a little taste to show you what I mean: Alex FerrariBara Bará Bere Berê

This one’s a big one—probably the biggest song in Spain right now. You hear it literally everywhere. As for the artist, he’s Brazilian, so the song—obviously—is in Portuguese. The words in the hook (and the title) of the song come from a popular Brazilian folk tune that has been reinterpreted by countless Brazilian artists over the years. Take a look at the music video below (it has talking underwear!!).

Pitbull – "Don’t Stop The Party" ft. TJR & "Feel This Moment" ft. Christina Aguilera

Where there’s a party, there’s Pitbull… And regardless of what your personal opinions may be about “Mr. International,” I think we can all agree that he is the king of churning out Latin-influenced party jams. And it’s precisely his penchant for cross-cultural, Spanglish-y club music that makes Pitbull such a big hit here in Granada, and around the world. On any given night, you’re bound to hear either one (or most likely both) of his most recent hits, “Don’t Stop The Party” and “Feel This Moment.” Music videos below for your perusal…

And while we’re on the subject of Spanglish-y party jams, here’s this:

Recognize it, right? It’s that catchy Caribbean-sounding song from a few years back that you’ve probably heard a bunch of times but don’t really know the lyrics to, isn’t it? Yeah, well it’s called “Danza Kuduro” and it’s by a couple guys called Don Omar and Lucenzo. I don’t really know much about them, except that they apparently like dressing up real nice and driving big boats with sexy ladies onboard. Enjoy!

Along those same lines, we have “Pégate Más” by Dyland & Lenny. You’ll probably recognize this one too; I did when I heard it one of my first nights out here in Granada, and it still remains one of my favorite songs to get loco to. Music vid below.

Another big part of the Granada music scene is electro and house music. Usually making up a good part of any DJ’s set at the discotecas here, this harder-hitting electronic music provides a nice contrast to the more traditional Spanish-language jams like the ones above. Here are a few commonly encountered songs to give you an idea:

Avicii vs. Nicky Romero – “I Could Be The One”

Doubtless, you know this one already. But when the strobes start a-flashin’, this song kills.

Otto Knows – “Million Voices”

This song, I love. And for the longest time, I had no idea who it was by. It was just stuck in my head all the time. So I ended up googling “eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah ah” to figure it out, no joke. Check it:

Hardwell – “Spaceman”

For me, this song epitomizes the “Holy crap I’m partying in Europe!!” feeling. Like the time I got blasted by a hose of cold vapor at a 7-story discoteca in Madrid.

Yeah. This song was playing.

Also, can’t forget to include good ol’ Swedish House Mafia! I must hear “Don’t You Worry Child” without fail every time I go out. Here it is in case you forgot:

So there you have it—a basic taste of a night in Granada. Besides a perhaps unhealthy obsession with the music of Rihanna and (think, “Where Have You Been” or the do I love it/do I hate it “Scream and Shout”), the Granadinos keep their party music an eclectic and balanced affair, always surprising you but also delivering the old favorites that still stick in your head the morning after amid the faint ringing in your ears.

Lastly, I’ll leave you all with one of the more bizarre and enjoyable musical encounters I’ve been blessed with this semester. It’s called “Boys Will Be Boys” and it’s sung by a Shakira-looking dame by the name of Paulina Rubio. Make of it what you will…