The Return of Animal Collective: “FloriDada” and Painting With


In anticipation for their 10th studio album Painting With (expected February 19, 2016), experimental pop group Animal Collective recently released their first single, titled “FloriDada,” on November 30th, 2015. Their ninth album, Centipede Hz, fell to less than favorable reviews; therefore, the music world and myself included are generally hoping that Animal Collective ups the ante with their newest album, hopefully living up to the high standard set by their generally-agreed-upon magnum opus Merriweather Post Pavilion (MPP), released in 2009.

With respect to achieving this goal, “FloriDada” is a huge step in the right direction; it’s light, organic, fun, and unbelievably catchy, like many of the songs on MPP, some parts even sticking out as memorable on the first listen. To any veteran Animal Collective fans, this single is reminiscent of their earlier works, particularly “Strawberry Jam.” While many pop bands begin selling out to the mainstream style by their 10th album, Animal Collective is simply proving once again that they are the paragons of neo-psychedelia, which is both commendable and relieving as an avid fan.

Despite the positives of this single, it does not come without criticism. What made Animal Collective so enticing in their releases over the years is that they constantly have been evolving their style and innovating the genre, but with “FloriDada,” they seem to be regressing to a more classic sound as opposed to sticking with their experimental roots.

Despite its criticisms, “FloriDada” is, simply put, a very good song; it’s catchy, fun, natural, and acts like a silver-lining-esque representation of summer to save us from the inevitable winter.

Image source: wikimedia

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