The Silhouettes Spring Concert


This past Sunday was a perfect day to attend the Silhouettes’ Spring Concert in Bucknell Hall. It was a sunny spring afternoon, and as I entered Bucknell hall alongside half a dozen Chips, I was glad to see that the turnout to the Sil’s concert was as strong as ours. The pews of Bucknell Hall were for the most part packed with parents and students of all class years, and light shone through the windows into the chapel space, providing bright natural lighting for the performance. The space was mic’d, and two big PA speakers delivered the performance to the audience with clarity and presence. At 3:00 sharp, the Sils, adorned in season-appropriate flowery spring dresses, entered Bucknell Hall and took the stage. Without hesitation, they opened their set with “On My Way by Phil Collins, featuring Liza Jane Branch. This hopeful tune was a perfect opener, and set a bright tone for the rest of the performance. Next, they performed “Electric Love” by BØRNS, featuring Maggie Cushing; their sparkly sound put a sweet touch on this bluesy alternative song.

The Sils then performed an 80’s Medley of songs by Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, David Bowie, and more, with featured soloists Mary Elizabeth Colton, Sophia Brooks, and Emma BX. This fun arrangement was a surefire crowd pleaser. Then followed “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, featuring senior Mary Elizabeth Colton. A strong rendition of “Valentine” by The Pentatonix, featuring senior Emily Collins and junior Emma BX, moved the audience (because who doesn’t love Pentatonix pieces, really?). They followed this up with a girl-power themed Cheetah Girls medley, featuring Daisy Fornengo and Chloe Cottineau, and this upbeat piece highlighted the capabilities of beatboxer Celina Antonellis, who never messed up the timing of her impeccably crisp high-hat sound or tight snare drum. A performance of “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande, featuring senior Olivia Clavel-Davis, followed the Cheetah Girls piece, and this piece provided many opportunities for Olivia to showcase her incredible range on this lovely pop song.

The group performed a few more songs before reaching what they described to be “technically the end of the concert,” but the show did not end there. Instead, the Sils closed the concert with Carole King’s “You Got a Friend In Me”, with solos by the three senior members of the group: Mary Elizabeth Colton, Emily Collins, and Olivia Clavel-Davis. This piece was sentimental and touching; the three of them smiled and held each other’s hand the entire song through what looked to be tears of joy and appreciation of the friendships they had. Speaking of these three girls, Emma BX says:

Our seniors have been amazing as role models as people and leaders in as well as out of the group. Olivia Emily and Mary Elizabeth's voices are all so unique and essential to our group and we won't be able to find voices like theirs anywhere else. They are incredible and inspiring women and, while we will miss them very much, we are excited to see what life has in store for them beyond Bucknell!

The audience exploded at the end of the song marking the conclusion of the concert. The Sils put on a great show that highlighted their individual talents as well as their brilliant, luminous tone as a group. Their song selection made for an enjoyable concert, and as they approached me and the other attending Chips afterwards, it was clear that they were grateful for the opportunity to share their talents  with their friends and greater Bucknell community, and entertain an engaged audience on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend The Sils’ Spring Concert; the event was lively, enriching, and filled with talent. The results of the hard work of the group was evident, and I’m sure that The Sils are happy with their performance; the Bucknell community certainly was!

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The Silhouettes are Bucknell University's all-female a cappella group, whose passion for performing and arranging music has entertained audiences for over 30 years. More info can be found on their website here, and you can also find them on Facebook and YouTube.