The Strokes Release Latest Album: "Comedown Machine"


The reality is "Comedown Machine" might be all we’ll be hearing from The Strokes for a long time.  The first track on the album “Tap Out” begins by letting the listeners know, it won’t be the usual Strokes sound.

The band hasn’t made any public appearances, nor have they released information about a tour leaving us fans in the dark with this new and different album.  The track "50/50" makes it clear that The Strokes don’t actually care.  Leader and singer Julian Casablancas, shouts the during the chorus, “I will say, don’t judge me.”  The fact is the music has changed, so whether we judge him or not, it clearly doesn’t matter.

The Strokes have become worldwide legends on fatalistic love songs, and listeners were told years ago, they can either “Take It Or Leave It”.  These classic Strokes songs are easily identifiable by two upbeat harmonized guitars and Casablancas wailing away.  Comedown Machine is a denouement for the band, in the effect that we have found out what they intend to become.   The Strokes’ previous album “Angles” has been criticized as "pop-y" and breaking away from what made the Strokes unique.  Comedown Machine is a serious regression from “Angles” and slides the band to closer to their roots.

They give you glimpse of the old school Strokes on tracks like “All The Time” and “Happy Ending”.

Ironic name for the song huh?  The happiness the Strokes were probably referring to is the listeners’ recognition that the Strokes they are familiar with are still there.  But just to reaffirm that the band is doing its own thing and owes nothing to anyone, Casablancas ends the album with “Call It Fate, Call It Karma”. This slow ballad-like song is the truly unlike anything they have ever put out, and I have to be honest, I love it.

This album certainly takes a listen or two.  Believe it or not Strokes fans, they haven’t totally gone off the deep end.