The Ultimate Playlist for Yoga and Meditation


Sometimes the only sounds heard during yoga are the instructor’s voice and your own breathing.  For many yoga teachers, music is seen as a distraction for the sensations that the practice brings.  But for me, the best classes are always set to the best soundtracks. I see the merging of music and yoga as one of the greatest opportunities for self-exploration.  When I became a yoga teacher this past summer, I spent days not only sequencing, but crafting the ultimate playlists for a relaxing, yet motivating, practice. For those of us who thrive off of music, it becomes an essential part of a yoga practice, as with any other type of physical activity.  Music helps carry the movement and breath during yoga, and creates a comfortable environment for the music lover in all of us.  What follows is an hour and half worth of what I deem to be the ideal playlist for either a meditative practice or a fast-paced Vinyasa flow.

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