There’s Gonna be Good Times: Music Video Review


It’s official; “Good Times” by Jamie xx feat. Young Thug and Popcaan is officially the jam. Young Thug’s wild, unmistakable voice, laid over Jamie xx’s classically smooth, xylophone-y beats makes for some, well, goooood times. While the song was released with Jamie’s first album, In Colour, in May 2015, the video was released about a week ago. In true Jamie xx form, the colors in the video pop just as in his album cover and in his tracks. The video opens with a bright yellow plane flying over a bright, sunny cityscape with a long flag reading, “Good Times” trailing behind it. The entire video is filled with splashes of other scenes and colors – Jamie xx DJ-ing a dimly lit and strobe-light infested club, Yung Thug and Popcaan rapping on top of a building enclosed by a gloomy skyscape, and ladies laying out by a bright-aqua pool. Interspersed are flashes of the pool’s sherbet-tinted border and what can be interpreted as, “happy” plants. There’s not much to the video, it’s just filled with feel-good and aesthetically on-point images – and what more could we want? Check it out below.