Third Eye Blind Rocks “Fiasco” Concert

I think we can all agree that what happened at this year’s Spring Concert was pretty bizarre.  Not only did rap artist Lupe Fiasco walk offstage only 10 minutes into his performance, but seeing Frankie Muniz drumming in a band and listening to the entire student body sing “Semi-Charmed Life” in a place other than at a fraternity register were all rare, crazy occurrences. As a member of the Concert Committee, I can tell you that this concert was unlike any other show I’ve seen before: not only full of surprises, but full of different types of people, outfits (neon, anyone?), and most importantly, music.

The show started off on a good note with up-and-coming indie/alternative band Kingsfoil. Their energy and sweet sounds energized the crowd and got people pumped up for the…er, well…“show” to follow. Many students crowded towards the front of the stage to watch Muniz’s drumming skills and listen to the talented band before the co-headliners began their sets.

lupe-alt Spirits were high and fun was being had by all until Lupe Fiasco pranced onto the Sojka stage. Fiasco performed for a few minutes until he began complaining about the sound system in Sojka Pavilion. Much to both the Concert Committee’s and the Bucknell student body’s surprise, Fiasco then stormed off stage and did not return to finish his performance. According to Twitter, Fiasco tweeted at 8:41 p.m. on the night of the concert: “I felt my voice starting to crack trying to overcompensate for a very messy sound set-up and feared really damaging my voice if I continued under those conditions.  I wish to give a 100% at all my shows and tonight I was unable to do that. I truly apologize to students and staff..” Many individuals turned to social media to lash out on Fiasco for his walk-off during the concert. @notnotporter tweeted: “Lupe Fiasco throwing a temper tantrum on stage at Bucknell because his mom didn't cut the crusts off his sandwich today :(.” Despite anger and frustration surrounding the situation, refunds were offered to students before Third Eye Blind performed. Luckily, many students stuck around to hear 3EB save the show.

Just as Fiasco says himself, “The show goes on.” Third Eye Blind channeled this attitude during their performance, first bashing Fiasco for walking off stage then rocking out to end the show on a good note. The band played oldie-but-goodie hits like “Jumper” and “Graduate,” yet kept the concert current with songs from their soon-to-be-released album. During their encore, 3EB rocked Sojka with their infamous hit “Semi-Charmed Life” that the whole crowd sung together.

Even if this year’s Spring Concert was a bit of a fiasco, both Kingsfoil and Third Eye Blind’s performances were stellar. And although things didn’t go as planned, this concert is one that will go down in Bucknell concert history forever. ‘Ray!

Don’t Stop The Beat,

Jen Lassen