Thought Police: We Dig 'Em.


It’s Friday night and, lets be honest, the downtown scene is struggling right now. However, there are actually other dope things going on over the weekend! Last Friday night, we pulled a Katy Perry when we maxed our credit cards and got kicked out of the bar. But for real, a cool group of kids chose to gather in 7th street, enjoy some milkshakes and vibe to the sounds of the student run band, Thought Police last Friday night. Haven’t heard of them? Well take some time and read on – you’re missing out.

Thought Police was brought together freshman year when two musically inclined young men, Jake Perlmutter and Andrew Kilman, chose to blend together their vocal and guitar skills. They quickly acquired Sam Carey as their bassist and more recently, Ryan Sindelar took on duties behind the kit. I had yet to witness the band play live when I ventured over to 7th Street; as I walked through the café doors, drums were going, guitars playing and people were jamming. In my experience, rarely do you find a band where all four of the members can play and harmonize successfully together. To top it off, their personalities feed off each other in a fun way; they kept the crowed engaged and entertained as they cracked jokes and shared laughs in between songs. These guys were comfortable and having a blast! They preformed some covers and some of their own songs going for a Dispatch, John Mayer, and Red Hot Chili Pepper fusion. You should definitely check out fan favorite, “Blackout Bed,” which is about House Party 2012 (R.I.P.), and “No I Don't / This Road.” Even without knowing some of their other original songs, the crowd was into it the entire time from 10-12! Who really needs downtown?

Bummed you missed out? There are more opportunities to get a feel for the Thought Police! First off, if you’re real antsy and can’t wait for the next live performance at 7th street on November 15th, (understandable), they have both YouTube and Soundcloud channels that are a click away from this article! But that's not all! They’ll also be preforming in Campus Vinyl BucknellU’s first annual ‘Battle of the Bands’ on November 23rd at Uptown! It’s going to be a dope time. Keep an eye out for Thought Police because you don’t want to miss out on another jam! How often do you have a student band that writes their own songs? I’ll see you at the upcoming gigs.