Thought Police Live!


This coming Thursday night, March 6th, Thought Police will be preforming at the Smiling Chameleon.  Thought Police is a student band consisting of members, Andrew Kilman, Jake Perlmutter, Ryan Sindelar, and Sam Carey.  Unfortunately, front man Jake Perlmutter is in Italy for the semester, so we will be hearing Thought Police Trio on Thursday night.

Thought Police is a Dispatch-like alternative rock band.  I spoke with Andrew Kilman earlier today and he told me Dispatch is really in the roots of the Thought Police’s music.  As a band, they love the sound of the acoustic and electric guitar mix and are consistently trying to make their own sound unique and special.


Thought Police’s first track ever released was named “Blackout Bed” on the EP High Places and Hopeful Faces.  Both Jake and Andrew were thinking about their experiences during House Party their freshmen years and decided that this spoke to them.  Other great hits from this EP are “No I Don’t”  (my personal favorite) and “I’ll Follow You.”

Andrew Kilman is a very talented guitarist and singer, so I would expect to see both of these special talents unveiled on Thursday night.  Having seen Thought Police live at Uptown last year, I know that they will certainly rock the house at the Smiling Chameleon.  I hope to see you there!