Throwback to the Future: Taylor Swift’s “1989” Dropped on Monday


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 25 years, you should know and probably be falling out of your seat with the knowledge that our favorite country girl gone pop, Taylor Swift, dropped her new album (officially as a pop singer) this past Monday, October 27. “1989”, which not only marks the year of T. Swift’s birthday but also a reflection on her life since then and the hype surrounding this album is nothing short of that enormity. Previously, three (and a half) tracks had been released: the first single “Shake It Off”, then “Out of the Woods”, “Welcome to New York”, and a small snippet of “Style” can be heard on Target’s new commercial.

This album is also already so good that the single “Track 3” garnered the #1 spot on the iTunes Canada site, featuring only 8 seconds of static. Check out the short story of the glitch and the audio here.

On a more serious note, just this Thursday, the woman herself released a snapshot of the album track-list, consisting of 13 songs I personally can’t wait to listen to as a whole. Check out the picture here.

With only three tracks full tracks, Swift sent a clear signal that this album will be unlike anything like her past releases. “Shake It Off” is still going strong as one of the great don’t-care-won’t-care pop anthems right now while “Out of the Woods” and “Welcome to New York” exhibit new sounds with a good but of electronic and synth use that harkens back to 80’s pop (not like there could be any connection or anything…).

Here is the track:

This album promises to be one of the year’s biggest releases yet and I expect to see you all partying like it’s 1989 now that it has come around.