Throwback Thursday: Death Cab for Cutie


“I will follow you into the dark.” When we first heard these lyrics, we knew we needed to hear more. Then, when we kept listening to lead singer Ben Gibbard’s unique, soothing voice, we fell in love. From The Photo Album (2001), to Transatlanticism (2003), then onto Plans (2005) and Narrow Stairs (2008), this indie rock band captivated our hearts and minds with each album release. For this #TBT, I’ll follow you down memory lane with Death Cab for Cutie, everyone’s favorite middle school band.

  1. “I Was A Kaleidoscope,” The Photo Album: One of Death Cab’s earlier songs, this upbeat, mellow track sets the tone for the band’s trademark sound. Ben Gibbard’s vocals, mixed with a steady drumbeat, soft piano notes, symbols, and simple guitar chords first put Death Cab for Cutie’s music on the map. Plus, their lyrics are tough to beat: “And I was a kaleidoscope/Tthe snow on my lenses distorting the image of what was only one of you.” Just too good.

  1. “The Sound of Settling,” Transatlanticism: We all know it and love it. “The Sound of Settling” took Death Cab for Cutie to the next level. A classic teenage anthem, this track has been featured on our all-time favorite show Laguna Beach. This song basically screams youth, livelihood and freedom. And let’s face it…the “ba-baaa’s” are really

  1. “Title and Registration” Transatlanticism: Another trademark track, this song begins with the infamous lyrics “The glove compartment is inaccurately named/And everybody knows it.” We remember the interesting, yet beautiful combination of string, drum, and xylophone sounds featured in this mellow, emotional track.

  1. “Soul Meets Body,” Plans: If nothing else, this song helps us reconnect with ourselves. The cool, brassy sound; Gibbard’s calming voice; and the spiritual lyrics create a feeling of ease and relaxation for listeners. When we first heard it, we weren’t sure if we were in a meditation lounge or listening to a CD…but “Soul Meets Body” quickly became an instant classic for any Death Cab fan.

  1. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” Plans: Quite possibly known as Death Cab for Cutie’s most famous song, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” instantly captured the hearts of listeners everywhere. This song is a classic wedding “first dance”—or, back then, a “love” song shared between two teenagers. The powerful, moving lyrics and melancholy yet beautiful sound reveal the band’s true artistry and deep appreciation for music, life and love.

  1. “I Will Possess Y our Heart,” Narrow Stairs: This single from one of Death Cab’s latest albums possessed our hearts when we first heard it. A little intense, a little soothing, this track fully deserves a spot on the “must listen” list.


deathcap pic 3

…And just FYI, Death Cab for Cutie is scheduled to release their latest album Kintsugi on March 31. Check out their latest single “Black Sun” for something new, yet still the same sound we know and love:

But no matter what they do next, Death Cab for Cutie will always hold a special place in our hearts.