Tinkering with Sound


I have always been impressed by what my fellow students are able to create with some ingenuity and elbow grease. This semester, I’m taking a class in on turning an idea into a physical product. This has given me a greater sense of appreciation for what it takes to make something that, well, works. Tyler Gorelick ’16 has been musically inclined for most of his life, but is now trying to get into the more inventive side of music. He lives on my hall, and as I was walking by his room, I heard him playing a new guitar. Turns out, it was one that he created (mostly) by himself. I asked him some questions.


Jason: How did you start this project?

Tyler: Well, I have wanted to put together a guitar for a long time since I saw a website where a guy was making custom bodies. They are retrofitted using bunch of parts that I knew. So I went ahead and bought the body, and then a neck and the rest of the pieces. I looked up ways to construct it online, but it was mostly me figuring things out as I went. I learned repair on my last guitar, so that taught me a lot.

Jason: How long did it take to make?

Tyler: Not that long. A couple hours total, but I did it over an extended period of time. I collected the parts last fall but only took a few hours to make. The hardest part was soldering. That is actually what’s not working at the moment, and it is what I need to fix and learn a bit more about.

Jason: What is your favorite type of music to play?

Tyler: Oh, that’s a tough one. Probably blues. I’m a big blues fan. I like to play rock and blues and mostly what I listen to, except country.


Tyler’s favorite song to play at the moment is “Old Love” by Eric Clapton.



Here is a sample website that sells the types of parts you’d need to make your own guitar.


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