Tom Carle's Junior Voice Recital


Tom Carle’s (’14) voice is second to none when it comes to raw talent and ability. The Bucknell music scene is all too familiar with this tenor’s powerful and memorable performances. Tom sings in four different ensembles on campus, including both the Opera Company and Beyond Unison. Tom has it all from being an operatic powerhouse to singing renditions of British boy bands that will make any little girl in their right mind his next biggest fan, making for an always unforgettable experience. Tom came to the music building ready in his Beyond Unison fleece with an eager smile. We caught up for a minute and then I asked about how he got started in music. Well this is anything but your “listening-to-Mozart-before-you’re-born” story that you might expect for such a talented musician.

He’s been singing in church choir and taking voice lessons since he was 6 but later stopped and took ony piano lessons for a time. In the 7th grade, he joined (wait for it) a rock band and actually had much success with the band, winning several awards and competitions as a group. He played exclusively pop and rock and took R&B voice lessons for a while. When he entered high school, he participated in the plays and musicals and his sophomore year, was invited by his to-be voice teacher at the time to audition for Interlochen Arts Festival, and was bale to participate in it that summer, quickly gaining a love for classical music and the rest is history after that.

tom beyond unison 1

Tom has garnered several awards in his short time as a mainly classical performer. He is a recipient of the highly-praised Arts Merit Scholarship and Paul Althouse Scholarship with his acceptance to the music department and Bucknell Opera Company from Bucknell. He has also received the David Gutknecht Scholarship from the Susquehanna Valley Chorale during his time and work with them here.

Talking about his typical day here, he has his day planned out to the second. Google calendar is his best friend. But actually. His practice schedule includes two sessions of piano and voice each an hour long, plus a half-hour study session for the music.

On top of that, he has rehearsals for his four ensembles multiple times during the week. “It’s pretty insane to try to do everything I want to do musically and everything I want to do academically. The past three years have been very demanding… Practice doesn’t usually feel like it’s work, it’s just something I do. I’ve made music more what I like to do. You’re not going to want to do it if it’s work.”

After his time at Bucknell, he plans to study at a conservatory for graduate school. In the near future, he is studying at the Manhattan School of Music this summer. He definitely hopes to perform during and after graduate school. He is toying with the idea of becoming a studio teacher for late high school students or at the university level, as he goes on with a successful career as a performer.

His Junior Voice Recital is this Saturday at 7PM in the Natalie Rooke Recital Hall, in the midst of all the Houseparty madness, so make sure to carve out a little time for it in your busy plans. He’ll be singing a diverse range of music, form Baroque to Bernstein, lieder and chanson, to larger bombastic arias. Watch and hear him sing every end of the musical spectrum in a sure-to-be amazing and unforgettable performance.