Top 10 Worst Music Videos


We tend to point out a particularly great or innovative video for our “Music Video of the Week,” so I thought it’d be fun to switch things up. Below you’ll find ten of what I believe to be the worst music videos (in chronological order). Yello - Oh yeah (1987)

To those of you who have seen Ferris Bueller’s day off, you probably associate this song with a red Ferrari and a frazzled Cameron. Had a friend not referred me to this gem, I would have maintained that association, but now all I can think of is this trip of a music video. Pair a young girl and two men with exaggerated facial expressions with way too many filters and psychedelic backgrounds and you get a really, really creepy video. I think I have to agree with Cameron on this one.


Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65 (1999)

Like many of you, I absolutely adored this song when I was younger, but a decent, or at the very least catchy, song doesn’t necessarily manifest a quality video. Even if you remade this with today’s technology, there’s no saving the peculiar machine with the moving screens or the tacky blue characters.


The Sparrow Looks Up at The Machine - The Flaming Lips (2010)

Trigger warning: this video includes (a lot of) blood.

I feel like The Flaming Lips’ videos always dance along the fine line between artistically innovative and plain old weird. This one falls under the weird category. The fact that I had to include a trigger warning at all is an issue. On top of the copious amounts of blood pouring out of the (oddly excited) woman, the individuals collecting the pieces of art seem to be delivering them to a machine that bares resemblance to a vagina. Also, the idea of her kicking and flinging the blood at the people holding the paper doesn’t sit well. It just all doesn’t sit well.


Perfect Day - Susan Boyle (2010)

To be honest, the first time I saw this video, I spent the entire time waiting for a dementor to pop out from behind a tree. But I mean if pure solitude at an eerie, fog-covered pond is Susan Boyle’s idea of a perfect day, then this is a pretty decent music video!


Friday - Rebecca Black (2011)

Throwback to high school when your newsfeed was covered in this gif. The video starts out with an unsettling moving sketch of Rebecca Black, continues with her preteen friends making awkward hand gestures in front of an obvious green screen, reverts back to the unsettling sketch—offering you a lesson on the order of the days of the week—and culminates with a random man who is at least twice her age rapping. Pair all of that with a lyrically terrible song and her awful vocals, and you have a holistically terrible video.


Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke (2013)

Please note that “Wrecking Ball” isn’t on this list. *Insert a feminist rant here* No, but seriously. Not only does this music video objectify and subvert women, it makes absolutely no sense at all. If anyone figures out the symbolic meaning of a toy truck riding down a woman’s back, shoot me an email!


The Fox – Ylvis (2013)

I feel like I shouldn’t even have to explain this choice. I will say, however, that the subtitles really increase the depth of the proposed fox noises.


Bound 2 – Kanye West (2013)

Not even scenic shots of mountains and slow motion clips of horses running through water can save this music video. Just compare this to Kanye’s “Runaway” video and you’ll understand. I’d honestly make a Top 10 Best Music Videos list just to throw “Runaway” on there and reminisce on quality Kanye. There’s a reason why James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Parody got more views than a few of the music videos on this list.


Shake it off – Taylor Swift (2014)

Now that I’ve bashed Kanye, it’s only appropriate to recognize Taylor Swift’s shortcomings as well. In general, Swift’s music videos are cheesy, so this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. This video in particular is so deeply lacking quality, though, that many are passing it off as a parody, and I really wish they were right. Throw the sweeping concerns pertaining to racial stereotypes into the mix, and I’d say this video is a great way for Taylor to ensure her haters continue to hate, hate, hate.


Anaconda - Nicki Minaj (2014)

*Insert feminist rant part two here* I appreciate all of the parodies, but I’m not sure why this video isn’t facing the same backlash many other recent videos (I’ll reference “Wrecking Ball” again for consistency) received. I’ll save that conversation for another day. For now, feel free to reference Drake’s face during the video to get a better feel for my sentiments.