Track Review: “King of The World” – Weezer


In anticipation for their upcoming album set to release on April 1, 2016, American rock band Weezer dropped the third single, titled “King of The World.”  

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of Weezer; this isn’t to say that I dislike them, but to me, they were more a band whose albums The Blue Album and The Green Album were classic sounds of my childhood. I vividly remember having The Green Album on CD and playing it every morning while my mom drove me to school. Soon after my obsession ended, I nearly forgot that Weezer existed, so when I heard that they were working on a new album and dropping singles, I was naturally interested to relive that important part of my childhood.


I have mixed feelings about the song itself. From a purely nostalgic point of view, the new track contains similar vibes to those found in Weezer’s older works — the song is a fun pop-rock anthem which could definitely function as one of those classic summer jams. However, listening to it from an analytic point of view, I found it to be vapid, making somewhat of an attempt to relive the time during which everybody loved Weezer for its uniquely poppy sound.


By saying this, I’m most likely hurting my credibility as a music journalist, but this is by no means a bad thing. Most of the time when I listen to music, I’m not looking for something intellectually stimulating, deep, or complex; I want something upbeat, fun, and something which reminds me of a past time — Weezer’s new single hits all of these criteria. It may sound like I’m giving this song a mixed review, and I absolutely am. It’s hard to review a sound which was so important my childhood, but I feel as if I was as objective as possible.

To conclude, Weezer’s new track is a near-guaranteed hit among Weezer fans and non-fans alike. It’s happy, fun, and it’s a song which I will undoubtedly be listening to often.

Image source: Jeff Egnaczyk