Truck Bed Band Rocks the Cab at Kappa Sig over HPW ‘13


Even though house party came and went last week in its one big stand, it’s nice to reminisce on what was remembered of that weekend. House Party spread all over campus and downtown on Friday and Saturday, Kappa Sig’s Truck Bed Band was playing and it was a rocking show down there. I got to catch up with the band’s own Christos Schrader (’14) this week and ask him a few questions about the band and the performances7. Chris is plays in both Truck Bed Band and TKE’s Log Cabin and he said he really enjoyed the chance to get to play gigs at both houses.  Everyone seemed pumped to play the gigs and “it felt like a home game, all your bros were there”.

He felt that the gig went off pretty well. The band performed a lot of different kinds of music to keep with the excitement in the crowd with everything from some country to classic and alternative rock, to an occasional “goofy” genre cover. Getting to perform at Shark Tank was a great place to perform, being above and facing the crowd. While last year, they got to perform in the middle of the crowd and have a really personal performance with the crowd, the crowd that was lucky enough to be there had a great time with the band.

But, there was a huge surprise to those who’ve seen Truck Bed Band before. Just in case you didn’t know, the band’s lead singer, Justin Honigstein (’14), has been abroad this semester. So Kappa Sig did the amazing and paid Justin’s expenses to come back and perform with the band, just for the sake of HPW ’13. So with the band all back together, only two nights of killer performances could follow.

Hopefully you were there to hear them in their awesomeness. That’s about the sum of it all! They can’t wait to perform next year and bring you an even better set than this year. Until, hop on the bandwagon and keep up with the Truck Bed Band.