Trust Me, MØ Wants to Dance


When I first joined CVBU just a little over a month ago, I was determined to make my first full article an artist spotlight on . I quickly realized, however, that CV’s own Marcus Schenck had already written a piece about her (which serves as the perfect introduction, so read up!). So, I went back to the drawing board. Just a few weeks later, I'm almost glad I was forced to wait until I saw her live. Before Karen Marie Ørsted, better known as Danish singer-songwriter MØ, took the stage at my absolute favorite venue in LA, the Troubadour, Erik Hassle came on. Hassle kicked off the night with his fresh twist on classic soul music. The crowd immediately fell into rhythm with the Swedish artist as he sang tunes from his new EP, Somebody’s Party. During his set’s final song, “Talk About It”, MØ made an early cameo, briefly joining him on stage for a few notes.

Just a couple minutes later, MØ marched back on stage, this time for her own set in the final stop of her US tour. Donning her signature braided, high ponytail, the Danish star wasted no time establishing a connection with the eager crowd. She began with the first song off her album No Mythologies to Follow, “Fire Rides”. As she performed, a constant stream of video clips and images—similar to this one that played during “Pilgrim”—flashed behind her on stage.

Her time on stage didn’t last very long, though. The barrier-less Troubadour proved to be the ideal venue for MØ, as she spent almost as much time off stage as she did on it. “XXX 88” saw her dancing on top of elevated platform. She then hopped right into the crowd during “The Sea”, jammed along to “Slow Love” on the very edge of the stage, and comfortably returned to center stage to whip her now practically undone braid around in circles during “Pilgrim”.

Her eclectic choice of performance locations didn’t stop there. Over the course of the next few songs, she hiked up to the VIP section, hung off the balcony, climbed back onto the elevated platform, rode around on a random crowd-member’s shoulders, then finally made her way back to the stage to perform the last song of her main set, “Glass”.

Thinking back on it all, I wouldn’t have blamed MØ if she didn’t return for an encore; she had successfully scaled almost every inch of the venue while simultaneously fist pumping and, oh yeah, singing. But she didn’t disappoint. MØ reentered and confided that the song she was about to sing was one she had not personally written. The crowd roared as she began her cover of the Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There”.

Her final song of the night was so incredible that it warrants its own paragraph. She might have been singing “Don’t Wanna Dance”, but she was, ironically, doing the exact opposite. Jumping off stage and into the crowd yet again, she cried “Dance with me!” before singing the chorus. At some point during the song, I found myself dancing with MØ in the middle of an opening in the crowd. That ephemeral moment alone was enough to make up for the months I went without live music throughout the school year and leave me grinning ear to ear as I left the venue, eager for the concert-filled summer ahead.

 *Make sure to catch MØ live when she returns to the USA in the fall! Her Philadelphia show is set to be on September 26.