A Twerktastic Time


While spending time in sunny Orlando Florida, I was struck with the opportunity to attend a Miley Cyrus concert on a stop of her Bangerz tour. Hoards of “Smilers” bombarded the arena, dressed to impress with more hair knots and leotards than ever thought possible. And then the true spectacle begin. IMG_0955

A giant Miley face arose from the horizon to an ominous "tick tick tick" growing in the background. The stage became filled with colorful balloons and dancers, reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss illustration. As the shimmering LED Miley mask opened its gaping wide mouth, the infamous tongue spiraled out and sliding and gliding down it descended our very own goddess of song, Miley Cyrus, clad in a two piece gingham bikini-esque costume. It was at this point I began to question humanity's existence, why we are here and what our purpose on this planet might be.


Thrusting pelvises and gyrating hips filled the stage as Miley and her so called "homies" whirled round and round drawing the audience into what Miley wanted to be the "biggest and best party you've ever been to in all your life." And dare I say it was.  Not a single dull moment was to be had, during the few downtimes whenever a costume change was taking place, a giant inflatable fox took center stage or an animated clip of Miley involved in some sort of fiasco played on the jumbotrons in the background.


The songstress sung nearly every song from her newest album with high-energy choreography, edgy get-ups, and captivating sets. However, Ms. Cyrus and her crew were able to take a breather during the more intimate portion of the concert when she sat alongside her band in a separate stage in the center of the crowd singing some of her famous covers including Dolly Parton's “Jolene”, Lana del Rey's “Summertime Sadness” and even Coldplay's “The Scientist”.


One quick costume change later, the bass was once again pulsing, dancers twerking, and some real freaky puppets roamed the stage. The show finished up with just as much energy, if not more, than it began with. And it was at this point that the show hit its peak. When Miley flew off stage riding a giant floating hotdog complete with a mustard saddle, it was in that brief moment that I understood the meaning of life.


But wait, there's more! A double encore delighted excited audiences, first with “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can't Stop” followed by a grand finale extraordinaire of “Party in the USA” with dancers dressed as historic landmarks including Mt. Rushmore and the Liberty Bell, red, white, and blue confetti, and flames and sparks sprinkled round the stage.


The one thing I never thought I'd ever do in my entire life, attend a Miley Cyrus concert, turned out to be one of the most fun and interesting nights I won't soon forget.