Twin Forks: The Evolution of Chris Carrabba


Have you ever heard of Dashboard Confessional? If you were cognitively capable of listening to and comprehending music at any point during the 2000s then you know the band I am talking about: the guys that sing “Hands Down” and that song “Vindicated” from that Spiderman movie. How about “Stolen,” or “Belle of the Boulevard?” Surely at least one of these popular titles strikes a nerve for you, and chances are it got you through a rather serious middle-school break up. As an avid Dashboard listener, and a huge fan of their lead singer, Chris Carrabba, I’ve followed them throughout most of their career (with particular attention to Chris). Dashboard_dec_06_toronto


Because Chris is the main focus of this new and upcoming band, Twin Forks, that I’ll be talking about, prepare for a bit of history on Carrabba’s eclectic career. He started off in the mid-90s with a post-punk band called Vacant Andys. You can totally hear Carrabba’s raspy voice break through the punk-ridden power chords in their song, “Spork”

After playing with the Vacant Andys, Carrabba joined a band called Further Seems Forever. They sound a little bit more like the Dashboard we all know, but with some heavier punk influence laced throughout their music. Random useless fact: while singing in Further Seems Forever, Carrabba casually taught special needs education at an Elementary School on the side after receiving a degree in education from Florida Atlantic University. If you’re passionate about performing and have always wanted to start up your own band, let that be a reminder that it’s not too late! Check out their song, “Rescue Trained,” one of my all-time favorite Chris Carrabba pieces.

Then came Dashboard Confessional, where Chris Carrabba made his mark on the music industry. Chris started Dashboard basically as a mixed side project/personal journal, and didn’t initially intend on recording anything he created until his buddy who just happened to own a small record label convinced him to do so. Behold, the emergence of Dashboard Confessional.

TwinForks banner

Now one might be asking, that’s all cool, but how the hell is Chris Carrabba even remotely relevant today aside from the pursuit of nostalgia? Enter: Twin Forks. Twin Forks was the result of Carrabba wanting to pursue the creation of music with deeper folk-rock roots (say goodbye to emo). After picking up Suzie Zeldin (from The Narrative) to accompany him with singing, Ben Homola (from Bad Books) to lay down some drum tracks, and Jonathan Clark to help with production, the band released their first self-titled five-track EP this past summer. Check out a live recording of one of my personal favorites from the EP, “Back to You”

It gets better: Twin Forks has just recently announced the release of an LP, coming out this February 25th. It is now available for pre-order on iTunes 

If you’re really down to throw them some support. Twin Forks has put out a single from the album, “Kiss Me Darling,” which throw down some totally chilled out and upbeat vibes.

If the single is indicative of any other part of the rest of the new album, it will undoubtedly be a premium LP.

With Carrabba’s musical diversity still growing, there is no way you can’t find a decade of Carrabba that you don’t love. He has put so many years into quite a unique number of successful bands, and this is only just the very beginning for Twin Forks- expect a lot more from these guys in the future, and keep an eye on them!

Jordan PeskinFolk, Pop-Punk