Two Door Cinema Club Throws it Back in all the Right Ways


Out with the old, in with the new -- on October 14, Two Door Cinema Club traded their contemporary indie pop sound for their 80’s infused album Gameshow. Back in 2010, Two Door Cinema Club quickly rose to the top of the indie pop scene with their debut album, Tourist History. Their follow up album, Beacon introduced eleven new songs with a nearly identical sound for which both albums received critical and commercial success. However, the band switched it up for LP number 3; Gameshow is a step in a new direction for the band, changing both their sound and their artistic range. Sure, they’re still Two Door Cinema Club and the songs make you happy for no reason, but it’s a different happy. Most tracks on Beacon and Tourist History could run in a Prius commercial and no one would think twice about it, but Gameshow feels much more like the climax dance scene of any disco. Their new synth-heavy sound works pretty well for them and you’ll catch yourself with the chorus to “Lavender” stuck in your head for days.

The band pulled inspiration from what feels like the combination of a Bowie guitar solo and Daft Punk’s funky “Random Access Memories”. Although some songs are hits and others misses, the first two tracks “Are We Ready? (Wreck)” and “Bad Decisions” set the tone for the colorful album. Highlight tracks of the album aside from the first two are “Fever,” “Surgery,” and “Ja Viens de La.”

Overall, the album does a good job preventing any stagnation for Two Door Cinema Club. The band creatively (and successfully) changed their sound -- a true feat since a third album could make or break a band like Two Door Cinema Club. So throw on Gameshow next time you’re feeling 80’s nostalgic in a contemporary indie pop medium.

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